Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am having a very ROUGH week so far, to say the least. I'm hoping and praying i get through this unscathed. At times like this it sucks not to have health insurance. I can't just get up and go to the hospital. My friend was nice enough to send me her full prescription of Nexium. I haven't even being able to call to say i received it just because of what's going on cos the last thing i want to do is speak to anyone. I just hope everything is fine.

I'm just curious. I don't have white friends and even though i work with a few at both jobs, I never find myself in very close proximity (like face to face, less than arms length) to them. I spend a good amount of time at work gisting with my mentor who is from Nepal. I don't know if he qualifies as Caucasian (it's shameful that i don't know that, but hey, i can't know everything). Anyway, i just started training my replacement at the lab this week, and i have noticed something from sitting so close to her that completely threw me off guard. I don't know if it's a white people thing or if it's just her, but she seems to have very fine white hair growing all over her face. I mean all over her face.

It reminds me of the fine hair they say people who are anorexic start to grow. She is skinny, but i wouldn't peg her as anorexic, so that has thrown me off. I'm just wondering what's up with that? Does anyone know?


  1. lanugo you mean? hmm, thats not all that is needed to peg her anorexic but she could be. 50/50
    indian? nah, i dont consider them caucasian.
    take a deep breathe, count to ten, take another deep breath....try to release the stress. all the best for the rest of the week

  2. Nepal is a different country from India although they are close together. He looks nothing like an Indian. According to him, most people mistake him for a mexican. I had no idea where he was from, for a long time.

  3. I checked up on Lanugo and it describes how the hair on her face is.

  4. I really hope you'll start feeling better soon, sting. Sorry about not having health insurance. Can you get it through school once you start med school?

    Maybe it could be vellus hair, which I understand all humans have. Maybe hers is just more noticeable because it caught the light a certain way?

    I have no clue though!

    I've always considered Nepalese people asian myself.

  5. lol this is funny.
    I have it. Not that much though. I've seen most of my indian friends have them 2 I believe it is called vellus hair like GNG said and doesn't have to have anything to do with anorexia. The only way you cuold tell that is if the person actually is very skinny then anorexia it probably is. I am like ur nepalese friend who most people mistake where is from lol! I have mixed heritage. Very many middle eastern and indian women bleach this hair to make them brighter and not appear as much. It is completely normal and I guess just depends on genetic factors just like other hair growth does eg. some people grow a lot of body hair some people don't some people have naturally longer hair while others don't.

    I'm very sorry you don't have medical insurance! I hope you will be ok :(

  6. Sorry love. I think the hair thing is normal. Some black people have fine brown hair on their face too.

    I wish you soonest recovery. :D

  7. Sting, so sorry to read that you are under the 'weather'. I pray you will get well soon. You must believe it first before my prayers are answered.

    So once again, I pray that YOU get well soon in the mighty name of Jesus.

    ...I have no clue to this hairy thing o...

  8. My dear, get well soon o. I'm so sorry about the health insurance thing. It can be such a pain. Isn't there any kinda agreement in place at your job? Get better o, please.

    I have hair on my face too. It's pretty much the same color as my skin, so it's hair to notice till you come very close. Yeah, lanugo I guess... abi wetin una call am?

  9. LOL! So on top sickness the thing wey dey worry you na anorexic hair (which I think is lanugo). Hehehehe. Nne, sorry oh. Tell Ikemefuna to investigate it for you. Hope you feel berra

  10. 1. Nepal: he is not white, he is not caucasian he is Asian so i think he would be mongloid i believe ...

    2. yes hair all over is normal for some white ppl. and does not show anorexia

  11. hey hun, how r u doing? hope ur good

  12. oh hun, didnt read ur new post.... i came here to just check up on u.... now ive read....i hope u get better hun... it really sucks not to have insurance..... i also dont have...it is well

  13. Shame about the insurance, get well soon. Ndo!

    Erm if you are from Asia, I think you are Mongloid. Can't remember my high school lessons.

  14. Sting, you no well oh, see wetin you dey worry yourself...some white people are like that, it might have nothing to do with anorexia. LOL...hope your days get better, dont worry too much

  15. hey girl, sorry u feeling under the weather, i hope u feel better soon!!
    GNG has already answered u? well so ave nothing to add.
    I can already tell u are medic in making!!! i find my self staring at people on the bus trying to work out whats wrong with them!
    get well soon

  16. I hope you feel better...you've been a bit under in the last few posts? Sho wa?

    Me I dont know what fine hair is o??
    But you dont have white friends?
    I dont know about me too, cos i have them in my clas but not necessarily hang out with them, though I have a Polish one that I talk to on a reg...does that count?

  17. never heard of lanugo. will google it now. but u r funny abt assuming it's connected to anorexia.

    hope u r feeling better? sorry, am a bit confused as 2 y u don't have a health insurance. maybe u explained in a previous post i ddnt read.

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  18. Oh you never noticed that? White people have very slight lanugo! It's a gene they have because they live in the colder regions of earth. LOL!!

    Omg, the first time I hooked up with a white boy I almost puked! And if you haven't noticed, white people tend to have this wierd creamy smell coming off them. You notice it most around the guys because for some reason unlike Nigerian guys they tend NOT to wear perfume.

    Walking down the hall to my room (I live in the boys dorm) makes me choke.

    OMG I thought I was the only one that noticed it! LOL

  19. if you look closely, most white folks have fine hair growning on their faces its called vellus... i think the person you are dealing with just has it more noticeably...

    and a person from nepal is more asian than caucasian i think


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