Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who wants to be a billionaire

Ican't tell u how many times i've watched this clip. I almost died from laughing the first time i saw it and it never gets old. That's my warri brother for u oh! There's nothing better than Warri pidgin english (besides Edo pidgin). I miss naija sha! Loves his accent. I will now now...... let u watch the video


  1. I don't know about the different accents n all, but enjoyed the video!!

  2. lol yea i have watched so many times...

    which plantain you mean dodo.. lol

    Nigerian became a republic in 1960.. you mean i fail, i die here lol

  3. yeah, I'v seen it as well...but I will now now, watch it

  4. lmao!!! seen it several times, but it still makes me laugh!

  5. saw it on another blog...funny stuff..yes o...warri pidgin is on another level o

  6. kai, i wan die. see as i hold my stomach & tears dey comot my eye. ha. i never see dis one b4 oh. wow. nice one. thumbs up 2 AY.

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  7. i just love the dude!!! hes too too funny..i almost died laffing wtching it...

  8. lmao...dodo...kpekere..bole...stupid warri boi!

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