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Someone needs to talk some sense into my head. So here's what's going on. I've always known the school i'll be attending in August has "diversity" issues. I asked about it during my student interviewer during my interview and she said there is some diversity and there are interest groups for different ethnic groups. Ok! The minority interviewees had a "special" lunch held for them. We didn't even have the option of attending the regular lunch. We were very much encouraged during the lunch to pick the school. I'm like, whatever. I don't care just admit me into any med school and i'll attend.

So yesterday i decide to check out the facebook group for our class. Right now there are 74 members (it's going to be 200 incoming M-1's), I look through all the members and i did not see one black person. I freaked the fuck out. Seriously. So i'm like, i must have missed some one, so i go through the list again and find one black dude who is actually the creator of the group. I didn't feel much better. I feel really weird. I know there are going to be a few more people of color at the end of the day, but it's still kinda scary. WHY? I know by virtue of being black, i'm a minority in this country, but i've never really been a minority anywhere (at least mentally).

Check this out. I grew up in Nigeria, definitely not a minority. Moved to Atlanta, we have one of the largest black populations in the States. I live in a black neighborhood (my friend even commented on only seeing one white person since she's been here), and have mostly worked in a black neighborhood. At my first job, 98% of our customers were black. At the first school i attended, there were mostly international students cos it was a community college close to where refugees were settled. The University i attended and were i currently work is very diverse, i don't think there is a majority of any group. That's one of their selling points. The hospital has a more black workers, although the patients are equally mixed. So in my almost 7 yrs in this country i have never had to look to far to see people who look like me. It's never been an issue.

I didn't think it would even be something to consider which is why i had no problem applying to all the schools i applied to in the first place. I think people are people regardless of their skin color. So please, why am i now freaking out? Maybe i'm worried i won't fit in or i would stand out too much. When i was in sec school, at one point i was the only one who wore glasses ( i wore glasses from when i was 7 until i was 16), it was always easy for the teachers to say, you with the glasses, answer the question. I don't know what my problem is but i'm freaking out.


  1. Am nt racist, bt i freak out too! Where i live is mostly white, and i feel weird.

    But u wld get over it and might actually like it. They are fun to be around...they do a whole lot of things differently than black ppl and u might love hanging wth them...

    Just dnt drink like em, cos they luv to!

    AM NT RACIST, and my comment might have been stereotypical, bt am also speaking from experience!

  2. Try not to worry too much. You might get to like quite a number of them and fit in perfectly. Think of it as a new adventure.

    Relax and have a fabulous Easter.

  3. Girl don't freak out o! Just think of it as a new adventure...
    It's all in your mind girl! condition your mind and 99.9% of the ish is sorted!!!

  4. Well,standing out can be a good thing in this case. Prove yourself and you will gain respect from everyone around you.

  5. Wow...i probably would be freaking out too! but i'm sure you'll be fine, just try and keep and open mind ok? All will be well!

  6. Don't freak oh. You are an intelligent, beautiful, complete person. That's what you are and that's what you'll make them see!

    Go gurl!

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  8. There are only 2 black people in my building (blg has about 12 floors) and I'm the only black on my floor. Haven't met another Naija in my city yet.At first, you feel self conscious, then somehow it either doesn't matter or it gets pushed to the background cos by then all you will be thinking about is work (your medical classes and grades in your case). Since you're in school, I believe you will 4get it sooner cos you'all be faced with the rigours of swotting, exams and co and that knows no boundaries with skin color.

  9. breathe in breathe out

    for my undegrad i went to a school of 1200 only with 6 black females

    so trust u will be fine

    it's good to be surrounded by people who are different

    u will survive

  10. i wish i can tell u i understand, but i havent lived it.
    on the bright side, in the real world of medicine if u dont practice at howard, merrhary or morehouse, you're going to be the only resident or in the very minority.
    you'll get used to it

  11. You'll be okay
    as long as u dnt strt actin oyinbo
    cz dats wot i see everyday
    most pple dat hang around too many white peeps strt 2 bliv dey r white
    no nt racist

  12. Oh wow! I'd totally freak out too.

    I guess just block it out, and determine to be the best you CAN be.

  13. Just try be claim, it really isn't that bad...and not too much of a big deal! :)

  14. Well, it could be a good experience for you to be outta your comfort zone. With that said, I am not sure I would like that either, I would be rather upset as well. But hey, you might enjoy it more than you think.

  15. When u become successful in their midst, you will be the Don't freak out o...

  16. Awww, I wish I could give you a hug, sting-y darling! It's natural to freak out a bit as you're about to enter an environment that you're entirely unfamiliar with.

    Just be you and you'll be be fine! The great thing is that you will be meeting a lot of people with a common goal in mind, so it may be these common interests that bind you together more than having a shared culture, background or skin colour. My very closest friends are not Nigerian, or African American, but they are oyinbo and immigrants too, and they understand me so well and vice versa.

    I just know you'll be fine!

  17. Dont freak out. There is a white guy that I interviewed on my interviewed thursday and he said anyone that discriminate another base on colour is an idiot.

    I am sure you will be fine with this your grp. They will love your intelligence!


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