Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Awesome! I'm glad you guys are on board. First and foremost, this is a friendly competition based on honesty. The basic things we need are a scale and a camera. Since this is the biggerst loser, the goal is not the final weight a person is, but who lost the most weight. For those who use Kg instead of lbs, multiply by 2.02 to convert to pounds.

The competition will last for 8 weeks and there will be a weekly weigh in. The first weigh in to establish our starting weight will be Friday May 1st and the final weigh in will be Friday, June 26th. I will create a blog later today and everyone who is interested will be sent an email inviting them to be team members. That way, you can easily upload ur pictures after each weigh in. If you can't upload a picture (of the scale which shows ur weight), stating it would suffice. We will believe you since we have agreed to be honest. Abi? After every weigh in, i will tally up and we can see who's in the lead.

Since this is a friendly competition, you can also post tips which have been helpful and we can encourage each other. However, it is STILL a competition. I have never being on a diet before, and i honestly don't know if i can be on one. So i intend to do this by cutting back and lots of running on the treadmill. Everyone is allowed to do what works for them, however diet and exercise is strongly encouraged. Starvation diet is a no no, so are diet pills. Anything else goes. I guess.

So I have taken a picture of my scale to show what the pictures with ur weight should look like. No i don't weigh 0.0lbs, that was taken before i weighed myself. :-)

I will try to put up the website tonight. Please leave ur email in the comment section of this post so i can invite you to be an author on the blog.

In case anyone is apprehensive about everyone knowing how much they weigh, we can always make the blog private. So we have that option, it's up to you guys.

Competition starts on Friday. Start making ur adjustments now.

EdiT: I'm on my way to go buy my walking shoes. Are you guys sure u r ready for me! Gen gen gen!


  1. Im so lookin 4ward 2 dis....my email is sportybabe001@yahoo.com

  2. Maybe people who can't upload pics could just send them into you to upload on their behalf?

    Just a thought.

    All the best to the participants!

  3. ok so if we dont have access to a gym nko??? hmmm

    mine's naijababe4u@googlemail.com

  4. Am tryin gto loose in few lbs in time for my wedding

    Am so in


  5. Good luck... last year I lost about 30lbs... the biggest tip I can give is to cut out processed food. Cut out ANYTHING as much a you can, that comes packaged - most are processed.

    I also eat 80% protein and 20% carbohydrate...

    and the final one is exercise, exercise and exercise... Get it moving and keep it moving...

    When loosing weight, don't look at it as a diet, but more like a life change to approach to eating... The body is a temple, we must severely protect what goes into it..

    Good luck everyone.. :-)))

    I should really go and update my fitness blog now! lol

  6. sounds like a good cause..
    i am working towards gaining a little booty which for the life of me cant work out...
    you go gurls...
    mad love yo!

  7. of all the fat una dey plan to lose

    send me 3kg......

  8. this is interesting. i will pass though. lol

  9. lol this is so cool. i need to get a scale FAST

  10. hey seems like a great competition......

  11. All the best to you all...be back to see how well its all going*

  12. u av my email...bt just in case it is tip2ng@yahoo.com

    this shld be fun...

    bt i suck at eating healthy...help anyone?

  13. I was out of the loop last week! Is it too late to register!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying Sting! Cryyyyiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggg


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