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Why i dislike religious people

PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE's facebook status message on Oct 24th 2012

Have your enemies spiritually turned you into meat and eaten your flesh expecting you to die by the following morning? The Lord is saying, "You are not their meat and they can't do anything to you." They have a shocker coming: the one they thought they had eaten and whose obituary they are expecting is coming out to greet them and to outlive them! You will outlive your enemies! Those who are planning your burial, you shall attend their funeral in Jesus' Name AMEN!!!

Thousand's of people liked this status, including a facebook friend which brought it to my attention this morning.

There's something about this that doesn't sit well with me. It's so wicked and unforgiving, so unchristianlike, so unlike anything i would imagine Jesus would say.

But then again, this a different brand of christianity practiced by Nigerians. Very militant, do me i do you style. So native doctorish mixed with "christianity".

So you can be spiritually turned into meat? That's good to know. I told Dr. Sushi that the next time i am hungry, she needs to watch out, cos she's my target. I shall be invoking my spiritual powers. She wants to be turned into steak, not gizzard cos that would be an insult.

I know Pastor Adeboye is plenty people's daddy....but arrange yourself well on my blog and don't tell me any nonsense about "anointed" and all those other crap Nigerians like to spew when it comes to religious leaders. I don't even try to give a fuck about these things so don't bother yourselves.


  1. What really gets to me is when African Christians pray for someone else to die just because they did something that they didn't like. That type of prayer seems very somehow to me. I was watching Joel Osteen preach one day and he said we should pray that our enemies are too busy with their own life/problems to worry about how to bring us down. I prefer this type of prayer than asking God to kill someone on your behalf.
    I don't think the shrine worshipping thing from before Christianity was introduced to Africa has actually gone away from some Christians. They mix the two together.

  2. Eeya...I hope you do find your way back to God. It'll help you put a lot of things into perspective.

    1. need to pity me o. I think my perspective on things is just fine, my dear.

      Why have you not been blogging?

    2. Uve been visiting the wrong blog.

    3. That's funny that this person would just judge you like that... wish you find your way back to God. This is why Christianity looks incorrect to some people. Imagine if God treated us the way we treat people who offend us, when we offend him. There'll be no one left on the face of the earth.

      The Bible clearly says two things:
      1. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord
      2. Pray for your enemies. (not against them)

      Someone said 'force' is needed in some prayers because we wrestle against principalities and powers. The koko is to pray for the funeral of the evil vices working in the hearts of those enemies (if to attend funeral is doing you), and pray that their hearts would be turned over to God.

      I'm sure Real8 didn't even take time to consider the sense in what you wrote. She just saw that you were speaking against 'Daddy GO' and condemned you. That's why there are so many problems in the body of Christ today. People live vicariously through the supposed exemplary spiritual lives of 'Good Christian Leaders'. They're too lazy to develop their own relationship with, and understanding of God.

      May our eyes be opened in Jesus' Name. Amen.

      (Sorry for the epistle. This is an issue that I'm always discussing.)

  3. @Madame Sting, at the risk of sounding really preachy I see where Adeboye is coming from with this. Because I believe that no matter how strongly grounded you are in whatever principles you possess, your environment can still and will always reflect upon your thinking.

    So even though we preach that Jesus was calm and meek in the NT he was also not weak. He did afterall cause that Brouhaha in the the temple when he found out that the people had turned it into a market place. Reading that as a Christian you think "ha serves them right" but have you ever thought that some people were just ignorant of the situations and rules of the temple. They just saw people who should have known better doing it so they followed suit. We have a tendency of trying to make Christ blend into this preconceived image of what we THINK he SHOULD be. Forgetting that Christ became MAN and was susceptible to all the ills of man except he was without sin.

    What am I trying to say? Maybe the Bible does not promote violence but there is violence within it (completely ignoring OT w/ this), even Jesus was prone to violence. Now do I agree with the way Adeboye is going about it? Not necessarily. But that's a personal thing. I'm not against it because the bible is against it.

    Because it is the same Bible that says in Matthew that "The LORD said to my Lord, Sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies beneath your feet."

    So Adeboye really isn't out of place; at least not in so many words... forgive my preachiness

  4. Lol. Black people and their enemies. If they're not conspiring against someone, the whole world and her sister is conspiring against them. That's why Black people are proportionally over-represented in mental health institutions. This sort of paranoia is not good for one's mental health. Religiosity is a disease in our communities.

  5. *clears throat-coughs*, i know why she dislikes me..... *running away with my slippers in my hands* :D

  6. In summary, I agree with you on this one and I'd tell you why in as few words as possible.

    The problem with this type of prayer is that I think people are focusing on the wrong things. As a matter of fact there is good and evil (God and devil in Christiandom). The near-obssesive focus on (d)evil kinda promotes (d)evil if you ask me. Your enemies, your enemies....focus on your friends and life and the good things that God/life has given you if not na fear you go just they operate under. I don't think focusing on good makes you weak either neither should you ignore the existence of (d)evil. Like I said, it is a matter of choice!

  7. uhmmm, relax.
    "So you can be spiritually turned into meat" Reading it again, i think that part is a metaphor. It all depends on how you understand it. In the end we all have our different opinions/beliefs.

  8. *singing...where is the love....the love...the love..the love...the love

  9. Stingiiii!!!

    no comment

    but sha o, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness in high places. Sometimes "force" is needed in prayers.

    May we not see the kind of wahala that would cause us to resort to only praying for our enemies to die.

  10. Matt 5:44 : "But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" NIV

    And I'm pretty sure how to pray didn't mean for them to die either.

    enough said.

  11. Una sure say na GO himself post that thing sef? must dislike me too,cuz I'm a spiritual person too.

  12. Agree with Naijalines.....
    We are soo busy fighting invisible enemies, we fail to even recognise friends

    My take: If I do have 'enemies', I pray they live long to see the success I become.

  13. The bible says 'suffer not a witch to kill you...'

  14. It always bugs me when people pray and say things like "May all my enemies dies by fire" or something along those lines. It goes against everything Christ is but it seems to have become a natural projection of "Nigerian Christianity"


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