Monday, November 19, 2012

The world is coming to an end

I feel like i just went through a hurricane. Hurricane madness. It's so hard to fight with someone who is close to you. Words hurt more and you care more which means you feel bad more when the madness has ended. God cursed me with a explosive temper and anger that does not last. What kind of nonsense is that?

I fought with Dr. Sushi tonight. Not a physical fight. We were like too mad women fighting over nothing. Anger is not a good thing and it's not being an easy year for either of us. I think the world is coming to an end because we never fight and it was ugly. I still feel bad even though we made up.

It seems that someone won an award. Best student blogger, I wonder who that is. To be honest, i am so tickled and pleased to see that something that i initiated, has grown bigger than i imagined and people take it so seriously and it means something to them. I think that is awesome. I read a post from @tilola (i hope i got that right) about blogsville. Those were the good ol days. I think things are different now, or maybe i'm different cos i don't have as much free time to read and leave comments so i feel removed from the whole scene.

The presentation i spent all evening preparing for yesterday, the fellow who asked me to do it, didn't show up today. He stopped by the workroom after rounds to say he hadn't forgotten about me, then never came back. If i talk now.................

I need some prozac or zoloft in my life......
.......or maybe some adderall.

I'm over life.....It's so 2012


  1. Things were definitely different then. I miss that blogsville. I'm about to write on something related too.

  2. I never had time to read and write as much as I want to.

  3. Thank God you guess were able to settle your differences.

  4. I get how you feel fighting with your friend...glad you both settled the fight.

    As for comments and all, sometimes we just do not have time to leave a comment even when we have something to say about the post. Blogsville is definitely different nowadays.

  5. Glad you made up quickly, the bad feelings hopefully won't last. And congrats on your win at the blog awards!

  6. Ah How can you fight with Dr Sushi? glad you guys have made up shaa.
    Congrats on winning best student blogger again! That should cheer you up a bit...hopefully.

  7. Eiya, pele. Don't worry, you are so not over life.


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