Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bad day

Life is hard
Med school is harder
An attending brought me to tears today.
Real tears.....
Holding back tears during rounds tears....
Crying in the hallway while talking to the NP tears....
Burn out, tired tears......
I feel so dumb and inadequate tears.....
Med school might have been a bad decision tears.....
I am so embarrassed and humiliated tears....
I need to remember physiology tears.....
Swollen eyes, snot, I am tired of med school tears.....


On a good note, my 20 something yr old was allowed to get on the transplant list. I am happy for him.


  1. *Hands you a box of scotties* I'm sure you'd be fine!

  2. Awwwww don't sting, u'll be fine. If it breaks you or shakes you, it only makes you better. No more tears ok? Uve cried all the tears you can. Now if u feel stressed squeez out a smile. Pele

  3. Pele, it definitely will get better. I am sure you will look back over the years and have a good laugh about this.

  4. my smallie :)

    don't let the tears weigh you down. you should have added "Thinking of how much Beautiful is spending to send me to med school...tears" :p

    On a serious note though, if med school is actually a bed of roses then most people would be doctors. many have fallen by the way, you're still in it, be strong honey and no it wouldn't get better but you would get stronger.

  5. Dame stop crying oh, I must chop that med money..:)

    But seriously, cry all you want its good for the soul just remember that you are extra special to be chosen to handle life..Now that's a gift and no you aint dumb it just means you are strong and making progress..If you dont cry how will you empathize with your patients and mentor future Doctors? xx:) oya chop kiss and hugs..:)

  6. *HUGS*
    Hope you feel better soon. Don't worry, this too shall pass.

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  8. Stingomama

    Are they frustrating you that much at med school? Tell us what's gwan...the more you spill, the better you'll feel.

    Also, just see it as a storm that will pass over. It will never be a permanent condition!

    Talk to us dear...

  9. Awww....
    Please dry your eyes *holds out virtual tissue*
    The lord is your strength.
    We are cheering for you !!!

  10. Don't let that attending break your spirit! No one knows everything. Use this opportunity to learn whatever it is you were being "pimped" on. You will get through this and in the end you will be an M.D.!


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