Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 5 - Things you want to say to an Ex

There are some people i don't even want to remember i ever dated and have nothing to say to them. However as soon as i saw this i knew exactly what i wanted to say and who i wanted to say it to.

  • God doesn't make mistakes but i personally feel your good looks are a mistake (I've said that to him in person but it bears repeating ). You are ugly on the instead and i wish your face reflected that so people can see you and know how wicked you are. Instead you look like a cute angel with the heart of a devil. 
  • How dare you open your dirty mouth and tell me "you just want to get this marriage thing over with". Do I look like a marriage hungry girl who will wed anything? Waka!
  • Thank you for coming into my life because now i have proof that even the devil can look like a human being. 
  • I know exactly what i heard. My hearing is perfect and i wasn't born yesterday so you can keep on denying it. You are only fooling yourself. 
  • I thank God once again for saving me from myself.
*Fine boys are of the devil. RUN!
* Do as i say, not as i do. I'm still learning to run but they won't leave me alone o! Now they get 10X as much scrutiny but i still won't talk to an ugly guy. Sorry.
*But seriously, RUN!
* This was addressed to a particular ex (not multiple Exes).
Shout out to the visitor from Tewksbury, Massachusetts! 


  1. lol at all your EXs, you must have dated a lot of demons.... or devils. you are hilarious. i want to do this 30 DAY CHALLENGE. i would do it one day, but i wanna do it at the beginning of a month.
    Fine girls are the devil too, but i cant date ugly girls, so i guess we are in the same Hole or quandary. lol.

  2. Wao.... some guys you have dated han? God is with you, the next one will be heaven sent :)

  3. @Lovelife4sale and 9jafoodie: It's just one guy o. He was a demon. As for my other exes, i really have nothing to same to them.

    Sadly, he's not the worst guy i've dated. That dubious honor goes to the first guy i dated in America. He's the only ugly guy i've dated and he was ugly both inside and outside. No redeeming quality about him. That's why sometimes hook ups are instruments of the devil because i never would have met him otherwise.

  4. chei seriously? Thank God for your life really...

  5. buhahahahah!! I laughed at the "WAKA"--LoL!!

    Do I look like a marriage hungry girl who will wed anything? Waka!

    IS it that serious love the way u put it waka!...rite behind u as some exes and present partners remind me of some of your comments and things u want to say...this is not just constrained to exes..they should include present partners..xx

  7. LMAo.. this kind of post would have left me hanging.. my repertoire isnt as extensive as I would have wanted it to be for this kind of post. Fine guys?! They are mostly of the devil!

  8. @barefeet: It's that serious o. Trust me.

    Honeydame be thankful you don't have that in ur repertoire (i don't even know what that means. lol) I wish i didn't, but you live, learn and grow.


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