Saturday, July 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 13 - Your Opinion about your body and how you feel about it

I'm bored with this challenge so i've decided to stop at day 15. My opinion of my body? It could be better. I used to think i couldn't gain weight so i really didn't do anything to watch my weight. I woke up one morning and i was 166lbs. That was in August 2009 and this was my heaviest weight. It was horrible. Since then it's been a mostly mental battle to get back under 150lbs. I have dropped to 152lbs since then, but i go back up. I have been playing in the 150's for the last 2 years. I've never gone on a diet or if i'm being honest being really dedicated to losing the weight. I've been eating crap since i got home. I know if i get serious, i can easily drop the weight.

I don't like my body right now mostly because i don't recognize it anymore and i'm not comfortable with how i look. It could be worse so instead of complaining, i will work on doing something about it.


  1. *crying dramatically* Nooooooooooo, u stopping at day 15? Y do I feel like I have been tricked? LoL--u were my 30 day challenge inspiration o! *sigh*
    And about ur body, 166 to 152 is pretty good, for me its like rocket science to drop even 1 pound these days, I feel like mine is stagnant.

  2. Awww you're stopping? :( I can see how it would get boring though. I tried to start on my personal blog but i only did two days so i decided to just leave them as posts and not say anything about the 30 day challenge lol

    It's good you're doing something proactive to get your body to where you'll be proud of it :D

    Adiya (formally the corner shop)

  3. lol@ not surprised... you try....weldone.

  4. Please don't stop. I'm bored too, but I started because of you. You can't abandon me!

    And love your body. You'll be more motivated to work on it coz then, you'll be focused on how good you could look, rather than how bad u think you look now. Good luck with it, though. And don't quit the challenge, please!!!

  5. I thought this 30 day challenge had interesting questions and i liked how you approached them...come on, dont quit. I do understand that for a creative spirit it may limits what you have to blog about....
    ah well, as Myne will say, do you.

    If I ever get to 138lb, it will be a miracle. and no I am not gloating.

  6. sideeye at you and giagerry being in the 150's and complaining
    *raise eyebrow*


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