Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm jealous of you? Really?

Why is it so easy for some girls to think that someone is jealous of them because you have a problem with them? Why is jealousy a reasonable assumption? So because i tell you, you have been a crappy friend, you go on facebook and update your status with "Am i that important that people will be jealous of me?"


I'm taking deep breaths. I have exams all through next week. I have to study and focus on important stuff. I will be back to tell this story because it needs to be told. I'm officially done with people. I've told the one friend i have left that if she messes up, that will be it for me and friendship. Only my (future) husband and siblings will be my friends. Every other person will be put on associate/acquaintance level.

I'm tired of this shit.

Mamuje is right, she's not worth a blog post. She's delusional and it's not even worth my time. This chic wrote on facebook this morning after i had cursed her out yesterday to my satisfaction, that she's done making female friends because girls are so JEALOUS. It's the jealousy part that is mind boggling. I guess when u think someone is jealous of you, it explains everything and stops you from assuming any blame or taking responsibility for your actions. After all, the other party is tripping because they are jealous of you o_O. Like i said she's delusional. Might i add just to give you guys a little background, she's getting married next month, so maybe that's why i'm jealous of her. I have no clue........because i don't know why else that thought would ever enter her head. I have never been jealous of anyone in my life. I am too smart for that because nothing is ever as it seems. It's he who wears the shoes that knows were it pinches, so i have no time to be jealous of anyone. 

And yes, you read right, i cursed her out. I left it alone and she kept updating facebook with stupid stuff (mind you, i'm not even on facebook), so i felt she needed to be put in her space. I feel so much better because she deserved everything i told her and some that i didn't sef. I've known this chic since 1993. Went to two different sec schools together, she came here in 2001 and i came in 2002, we were supposed to be friends. Push came to shove and she was nowhere to be found. What did they say about a friend in need being a friend indeed? I felt like i owed it to our friendship to address my concerns to her and after responding to my lengthy email with "ok cheers" without even responding to a single thing, she took to facebook to act like the aggrieved party and tell everyone that "someone is jealous of her" and the "person should continue to be bitter while she enjoys her life" and "human beings are terrible". Na wa for some people sha. Some people don't know the meaning of the word friendship even if it slaps them in the face.

Not everyone walking the face of this earth is a human being. We have a lot of snakes and rats disguised as humans and you will never know who's who until something happens. I am totally fine with everything, like i said i felt better after giving her a piece of my mind and i'd rather be friendless that to have anyone who would think i could possibly be jealous of them for whatever reason as a friend. DELUSIONAL!!!!!


  1. u hsve s husband?lol. sorry girl, dnt let her get to you. and dnt forget to give the full gist after your exam,lol

  2. lol..Thank you, kitkat....future husband :)

  3. Hhahahha.... Forget them, girls av issues (me included). good luck on d exams.

  4. *yes, continue taking the deep breathes until you calm down..your exams are more important my dear sister....waiting to hear the story.

    p.s..remember your post on 'friends' few months back & i commented that 'the post was talking to me & you replied that 'you were glad it resonated in me' take the same precaution..ignore friends who don't want to be your friends!

    Take care..e pele..& goodluck. :)

  5. Is it worth dedicating a blog post to this sort of thing? Really? Unless you probably care what she thinks of you. My adise is to let it wash over you. My 2 cents.

  6. all the best in your exam babe....expecting the full gist oh

  7. I've come to realise that too much emphasis is laid on 'friendship' and the need to have friends, which ultimately leads to heartbreak.

    No one is perfect, people are bound to disappoint you..the best way to deal with it is to not expect anything from anyone, you won't end up feeling let down.

    Love your family fiercely..if you need to confide in someone, confide in them or your (future) husband.

    best of luck in your exams...

  8. My two kobo:
    Except for my immediate family...Anybody who gives me stress is expendable.
    Cold but simple.

    Focus on your exams

  9. Preety lashes I quite agree with you. Too much emphasis have been placed on it to the extent that the real meaning is eroded. Madame sting, life is too short for worries! Like you said, you have exams and other things ahead of you, while bother with this? All the best in your exams! Mine is coming up next week *sighs*

  10. Good luck Missy. Dealing with people is a life-long course and is very stressful too

  11. hissssss! Some girls are just deluded like your friend here. You gave her the opportunity to talk it out and she does this. Puhleeeeze. Just chill dearie, and don't let her get to you anymore. Good riddance. At least now you know and you won't waste more time on here


  12. Heyy..Hope U stil remember mi. Bin a wyle..
    Sha dts how lyfe is ooh... Totalli undastand how ure feelin, afterall dts d main reason most of my frnds hav alwayz bin guyz, dey're more open nd 2-ur-face ish!! Nywyz, if its not 2 much 2 ask culd u ff back on twitter @Keeeyarah.

    Best of luck in ur examz..

  13. Please take it easy. focus on your exams. Don't let anything distract you. Whatever is the issue, just chill and take it off your mind. I hope be hear the full gist.

    All the best in your exams.

  14. Please calm down and focus on your exams, those are more important. Good luck!

  15. As i like to say my closest friends are God and families everyone else is not worth the trouble afterall friends are brought into our lives for a purpose, a lesson or 2 or a helping hand and once their work is done trouble comes and take them away.

    take a deep breath...get in your comfort zone and prepare for exams best of luck!

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  17. Calm down babe, she's not even worth the stress. All the best in your exams.

  18. Some friendships have BB (best before) dates. Move on with this one.

    All the best in your exams!

  19. Some people want to be the centre of your universe and they get annoyed whenever the focus is shifted away from them. It's probably easier for her to think that you're jealous of her than to really consider your feelings about the situation.

    Well, you at least had the courage to speak with her and allow a chance for things to be fixed between you. It always takes two to make things work and if one side is not interested, there's nothing much you can do. I'm in a position where i really should address matters with a friend but just getting a hold of them to speak with is hard enough and i'm beginning to feel like if they can't be bothered to even talk then there's no point trying to go into deeper issues.

    Good luck in your exams.

    PS: i think it's worth a post because i'm assuming she was important to you at one point in your life (and i like the inside scoop).

  20. I am late to the party, bt again lemme disagree a bit - not with you (your post was spot on) but with those who say friendships are unnecessary. simply not true.

    True, not every friendship can be deep and most won't last, but friendships ans forming lasting bonds outside of people related to you by blood are worthwhile. there are friends who do stick closer than brothers.

    besides, friendships keep people from being to insular....

    basically, if she is an idiot, forget the friendship, but yeah....friends are important


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