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Somebody, help me out here. I just read this article on Necole Bitchie about Will.I.Am's pet peeves in a relationship and one of them was using dry toilet paper instead of wet wipes to clean urself. Another pet peeve was a woman having condoms being a no-no. I'm not even going to comment on that except to say this is why the HIV infections rates are not declining. He's such an idiot.

Anyway, there's the comment i need help with.
The last time i checked, i was Nigerian too (born and bred), which part of  Nigeria has the culture of keeping a bowl under the sink and washing ur ass after whatever? I know pple do it, but i didn't think it was a cultural thing. I thought it was more of a i've run out of toilet paper thing or i can't afford toilet paper thing. I really want to konk this chic for lying like this. This is how someone will now read this comment and conclude that it's a Nigerian thing to shit and wash.

Am i wrong? Is it a cultural thing? If it is, how come i never heard of it before now? Which culture? I really want to know.


  1. No, it's not a cultural thing
    Last time I looked, people used t.paper in Nigeria.
    However, when I went up North (for my NYSC), I recall quite a few used water.

  2. me i dont know too...This is bad for our image! lol....i cant help but laugh...oh...i know i know....she/he must be from a bush unknown tribe yet to be discovered. Seriously tho...there might be people who do this...not everyone uses tissue to wipe...what the person did wrong was putting Nigeria on there like that! ahn ahn!!!!

  3. its not a Nigerian thing ooo its an islamic thing, they use water instead on toilet roll to ensure they are pure

  4. Kai I just couldn't stop laughing...lol

    That girl should be caught and heavily fined...who let her loose o...lol

  5. Why did I find this funny!!! lmao!!!!!! Never heard of it! eww!

  6. Actually lots of Nigerian cultures traditionally use water to clean.. Igbos included.

    Note I said TRADITIONALLY meaning that this was before we bought the British propaganda hook line and sinker.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and it is much much cleaner and hygienic than using dry toilet paper. People who use dry toilet paper ALWAYS have fecal residue left around their anus (sorry for being gross) no matter how well they clean there's always at least a microscopic bit left.

    I think the main problem here is that this commenter is obviously trolling and is saying this not because it is a beneficial practice but merely to attempt to contrast Nigerians with Americans because most Americans DO NOT use water to clean themselves and think that people who do are "primitive".

    In other words this person is trying to make Nigeria look backward by associating Nigerian culture with a practice that Westerners think is backward.

    But what is important to take away from this is what Westerners think shouldn't mean a damn thing to you. Nigerians tend to think that only what is sanctioned by white people is civilised and therefore feel ashamed of or deny many parts of Nigerian culture that they don't observe white people doing and therefore think are uncivilised.

    It is simply not true and this is the wrong attitude to take. Westerners or white people do not know everything and there are many things in our culture that are far superior to the way they do things and have been proven by scientific fact. Yet we are discouraged from doing those things in our own traditional way because we are afraid of being laughed at by the west or seen as "bush" or "local" by our so-called civilised peers.

    For example, many Nigerians traditionally use pit toilets. This is something that many Americans would look down on us for. Yet pit toilets are far more hygienic than toilets that encourage contact with the toilet (western style toilets) and are far healthier for humans because of the squatting position that is assumed in order to use a pit toilet. (This is a scientific proven fact, you can look it up. Many medical conditions common in the West are a direct result of SITTING on western style toilets instead of SQUATTING on a pit toilet which is more natural and better for the body).

    Similarly, many if not most Nigerian cultures traditionally give birth squatting (again Igbos included). However, Nigerians just stupidly listen to the British women and American doctors who told them that this is uncivilised and that they should give birth lying down. As a result, more and more women are suffering cervical prolapse because they give birth lying down.

    It is a PROVEN FACT that giving birth in the squatting position is INFINITELY better for the body of the mother and the child than giving birth lying down which puts unnecessary strain on various parts of the body but if you tell a Nigerian woman to give birth squatting she will look at you as if you're crazy even though this is what her ancestors traditionally did.

    There are so many more examples but this comment is getting too long.

    Do not be ashamed of our various cultural practices. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with them.

    The only thing wrong with this statement is that it appears that the commenter knew that Americans would perceive it in a derogatory manner and deliberately said it that way in order to elicit an insulting reaction towards Nigerians.

    That is the only reason why this comment makes me angry. Otherwise I see no reason why any of you should be here denying it.

    Cleaning yourself with water is far superior to cleaning yourself with dry toilet paper. Indisputable fact.

  7. Lol @ when was it a 'Nigerian thing to shit and wash'?

    I think Sugabelly has some logical points in her argument and the fact that the person said this just to put Nigerians down, using western standards of what is cool/uncool. Quite sad, really. And in a way, being mad at the person's inferences is like agreeing with their warped sentiments.

  8. I agree with Naijamum, I believe its more of a religious thing. Muslims are constantly reminded to be clean at all times. Its not uncommon to have a bottle of water to 'wash' with as opposed to just wiping with toilet paper. Its seen as more clean.

    As for Will.I.Am, I don't know about that condom business, men and women who take that decision to do the do have to be responsible for their actions.

    I do agree with him on the toilet paper issue though, it may be just me but I feel icky using that when I could use a wipe. Worse case scenario, I'd wet the toilet paper.

    So its almost 3am and instead of me writing my proposal due in 12 hours, I am discussing my toilet habits with the blogoshpere. Yeah, I'm going into hiding. for a very long time. ok. bye. :-)

  9. I think it's hausa people that do that one :-/


    I give you hand and leg for passion and dedication to defending our traditional cultures.... Nne, you dey.

  10. Uhm, I am with Sugabelly on paragraphs 1-4. I am Yoruba, dont have any linkage to Hausa people, and not a muslim, yet I have always used water to clean up after doing both numbers one and two! Yes we can afford tissue paper and confusingly, I didnt know that this was not a generally accepted action until now...

    Even after coming to the States, I still use water and then dry it with tissue or paper towel or something.
    Why? 'Cos I feel cleaner that way.

  11. It's def not a cultural thing...the commenter should have said that she used water to wash...it can be said to be a common practice, my grandma (she's muslim) still does it till this day...so do I (with toilet paper afterwards), for hygiene purposes but I was NOT taught to do so while growing up

  12. haha that nigerian just had to say "i am Nigerian"..smh. Please abeg o, its only in her family that the culture exists lol. She shldnt have mentioned Nigeria jor, mschew :p

  13. lol...this isnt funny ooo...but LWKM

  14. Some people use water rather than tissue paper, but the article seems to suggest that that is the norm which is definitely not true.

    @Sugabelly: Yes may catch a skin infection from toilet seat but the rates are very low. i'm curious to know what disease you found out in your research.
    Yes cervical or uterine prolapse can occur during childbirth, but it is more as a result of prolonged labour or instrumental delivery.

  15. @scarlet: I didn't say people get diseases as a result of using sitting toilets, I said that medical CONDITIONS are caused by using sitting toilets.

    For example, a lot of people in the western world have problems with constipation, not just because of their diet but because they sit on toilets rather than squat.

    When you squat, your colon aligns properly with your anus and the waste can pass through more easily than when you sit.

    Also, sitting on toilets that you share with other people increases your risk of infection whereas using a toilet where there is no bodily contact means there is no risk of infection.

    Ask the nearest digestive/gastro-intestinal specialist. They'll tell you that squatting trumps sitting EVERY time.

    Yes prolonged labours often result in cervical prolapse, but a lot of western women who have normal (and reasonably timely) deliveries STILL experience various levels of cervical prolapse (maybe not as severe as those resulting from a prolonged labour obviously) as opposed to women who squat for all their deliveries.

    Seriously, the research is out there, it's fact.

  16. @Sugabelly: We just finished GI in physiological so i actually know what i'm talking about, whether you sit or squat has absolutely nothing to do with constipation. NOTHING.

    Suppressing ur defecation reflex can cause constipation. The type of foods you are consuming, can cause constipation other medical conditions can cause constipation but sitting instead of squatting is not a factor. I'm not sure where u heard that but you are wrong.

    I do agree that squatting is the best position for a woman to have a baby. As for infections or conditions gotten from toilets, they are negligible. I can't think of anything you can get from sharing toilets.

  17. see how washing with water after shitting don turn to biology class...one mans meat is another mans poison ...shekinah !

  18. The commenter is correct. It is common practice in both Yoruba and Islamic Hausa to wash with water. I also assume it is traditional in our older societies (before Europeans invaded) as water would have been easier than wiping with leaves or what not.

    Apart from the trolling thing, I cosign everything Sugabelly said. And Sting, look at more stats, squatting helps constipation.

  19. @Myne: Sugabelly said sitting causes constipation. It does not. As to whether squatting helps relieve constipation, it makes sense that position would help.

  20. @Sting: Squatting prevents haemorrhoids


    Benefits of squatting during labour as opposed to lying down:


    Sorry you might need Athens to read this one.

    Will find a bunch more in books if I can.

  21. And I didn't say that sitting is the sole or leading cause of constipation. I said diet caused it mostly and sitting makes it worse or contributes to it.

  22. Hemorrhoids and constipation are two different things, but ok. I can see how squatting will prevent hemorrhoids if one is constipated as it helps you strain less. Not disputing that.

    I agree squatting is a better position during labor. I think making a woman lie on her back is more for the doctor's benefit than anything else, plus it's not standard practice.

  23. Sorry for so many comments one after the other, but the last link I just posted shows that squatting improves constipation and suggests that those who squat regularly rather than sit suffer less from constipation or other problems associated with bowel movements

  24. While washing/squatting do have merits, the important thing is that the Nigerian commenter or whoever it was that masqueraded as a Nigerian on that thread didnt have good intentions... shikena.

  25. Am I the only one who wondered if will.I.am follows his dates into the restroom to see which one they use?

  26. @EDJ: He said if he goes into their restrooms and doesn't see wipes then he knows or something along those lines.

  27. Lets all stop being snooty, even if we didnt grow up using water to clean up after #2, a very good (if not all) of our parents grew up doing so (especially if you're 21 years old and above). well growing up my mother made us use water, we only started using toilet paper when she was sure we could clean ourselves, lol.

    I read the article that sugabelly posted. It doesnt say squatting helps prevent hemorrhoids, it said it is a theory that should be looked into.
    Looking more closely at the studies of squatting and haemorrhoids, we argue that the issue has not been resolved in spite of an apparent refutation in the literature...We conclude that squatting deserves considerably more attention before it is rejected as an option.

    As for cervical prolapse, your cervix would prolapse naturally during childbirth and return to its original position. I have a hard time trying to link squatting to any other type of prolapse, but even when lying on the bed, a laboing woman typically assumes the squatting position anyways.

  28. Medical articles cannot just be taken at face value. Looking at the articles they suggest relation ship between two factors but there is no concrete evidence to prove that squating prevents constipation. You cannot change practices based on one article which only suggests or hints at something.
    Having worked in colorectal surgery i can go on and on about constipation but am sure sting's readers would rather i didn't!

  29. @scarlet: I'm not saying this just based off medical articles you know. Seriously, I have talked to one or two doctors about this plus my grandad's a doctor and he's always grumbling about how people should be squatting to poo rather than sitting.

    The only reason I put up links to the medical articles is because on the Internet people are always asking for proof or articles or whatever so I wanted to show that there are quite a few medical professionals and experts out there who are of the same opinion

  30. And my point is: Our traditional practice is to SQUAT not sit so why should we change from squatting to sitting just because the British said so?

    And more importantly, why do we look down on people who squat rather than sit even though it is our culture to squat just because the Americans and British that we idolise don't squat?

  31. I don't know if it is a Nigerian or cultural thing, but in most Nigerian homes that I have been to, including mine. We use water.

  32. Chai! Why did this person do this nau? Now everyone will think Nigerians do this! OMG! X_x

    Yeah, it's an islamic thing. Gaddam! Lol


  33. See i read that article myself and i definitely wondered what Will meant by that condom comment. So a sexually adult female should leave the responsibility of condoms solely to the male partner when she is the one who will end up with the unwanted pregnancy and also the one with higher risk of contracting STIs. Ok, i am gerrin you.

    As for this "tamba" debate, i can't say much because growing up ROBUST tissue was always my friend. I definitely co-sign wet wipes all day, everyday.


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