Thursday, April 21, 2011


...........die many times before their deaths while fools rush to theirs.
Say it isn't so.........but it is.

One more to go, then it's lather, rinse and repeat.
Day and night no longer exists, i count hours/ number of lectures. 20 phys lectures, 200+ pages in 12 hours. For reals?  Do i really have to know everything, like know everything, or do i just sorta have to kinda have an idea? What about the pictures and graphs....Is lab stuff that important? Try yourself......... Failure is easy. Takes no effort, at all.

Normal person: "Good night! I'm going to bed"
Me: It's 11 pm, Chineke, lecture 7 out of 20. Bone tired, exhausted. Brain has rebelled on me. Been on this shit since 7am. Sets alarm on phone, another on book case, and the last evil alarm guaranteed to wake up the dead. For extra guarantee....calls friend "Dude, wake me up at 1am.....i need to take a nap"

Yeah, i nap at night while others are going to sleep. I can also nap at 7am (like i'm about to) while others are just waking up. Like i said, night and day? What's that?

Can i just die? No?
How about i kill someone? Can't do that either?
Suicidal and homicidal ideation.....ha ha ha! Madness has finally set in.
No worries....those are fleeting thoughts with no plan borne out of extreme exhaustion and the constant state of being overwhelmed.

Try to cry, maybe you will feel better? No tears. All dried up.
Force up some dry hysterical sobs/lamentations.
Squeeze your notes, then calmly "unsqueeze" and straighten them out.
Pull yourself together!!!! Now is not the time.

After an exam
Bags under my eyes, brain fried, body exhausted, can't keep my eyes open. I need to rest so i can study for the next exam. Oya o, go and sleep.
I hr later:
I can't believe i'm still awake with racing thoughts having day-wideawakemares about the exam i just took. Why is neuro plaguing my thoughts and why do i now in this half asleep state know the answer to that stupid question that i did not know during the exam?
My brain freaking hurts. It feels like it's been soaked in peppermint oil or something and no i don't have a headache. This is something worse.
Add my day time insomnia to that = Hell fire.
Hello, Lucifer.

IF you know any med students out there who thinks this is a cakewalk, tell them i said more grease to their elbows.
Oh....they also don't go to my school.

Med school is awesome. NOT!

P.S. Yeah....about my It's not supposed to make sense to you, but trust me when i say it makes perfect sense and has everything to do with this post.

P.P.S. My heart is heavy. What is going on in Nigeria? What is going on in the world? All those corpers killed for nothing. Slaughtered, butchered and burnt like they don't have mothers and fathers and siblings who love them. I am so sick and disillusioned by Nigeria and Nigerian politics and politicians. How does killing innocent people solve anything? I truly have a problem with these northerners who have zero value for human lives. I can't imagine how the parents of these kids must feel. Some will not even see bodies to bury. May God help us all. I will not believe in change until i see it. I don't think Goodluck is the messiah we have been waiting for. Well, if he is, that remains to be seen.

Why wasn't something done to prevent what happened from happening? Are they going to say they didn't see it coming? It's sickening. At the risk of not being politically correct, i think NYSC should be scrapped or at least people shouldn't be forced to serve in the North if they are not from there, or any other unsafe areas that they are not from. The North should go form their own country and rule and kill themselves there. Enough is enough.


  1. "NYSC should be scrapped"
    Right on! At least something we can agree on lol - let them send those northerners to northern states! why must the rest of the country suffer cos of the madness of a few?! scrap the damn program already! I've always been on about Nigeria is one and united nigeria and yadya yada but these days i'm not so sure anymore - those guys up there contribute absolutely nothing - except of course religious fanacitism and general idiotism. lets call a spade a spade. dont even get me started...

    " Do i really have to know everything, like know everything, or do i just sorta have to kinda have an idea? "
    lol I think the big deal in med school is sorting out the important stuff from all the BS - dont worry, 2nd year there's more stuff but less BS. We did have a 2 hour lecture with over 200 slides though the other day haha

    k i'm done o back to meningitis

  2. Med school. Med school. Pele. I feel you.

    About the northerners. *lips sealed* I am tired of talking. Been working myself up all week over this.

  3. Awwwww...(hugs)...Med School is not easy oh....I have so many friends on that path and all they do every day is complain. But dont worry, it will be alright in the end

  4. Re: Med School...We have 2 docs in the family and the good news is they love their job. The bad news is they are still reading (post-graduation) to specialise etc prepared!

    Re: Naija. I pray to God to forgive me for the hate I feel right now (at the murderers)because I know it is not healthy or productive.

    BUT...I feel soooo ANGRY about this North-South divide. I DON TIRE!!

  5. awww sorry about med school it is well, as for Nigeria i am so over that country you have no idea im so tired like you said until i see change that country is not working for me......

  6. Just endure all the endureables as par med. school. There is light at the end of the tunnel. By the time you finish, you will be a hot cake. You will be using 'ghana must go' bag to take your take home pay home.

    As for these northerners that were 'forced' on us by Lord Luggard and the British colonial masters, may every evil they have visited on innocent people be visited on them even a hundred fold.

    The solution to this perpectual problem is for every tribe 'to carry him mama breats'.

  7. Totally concur with the last paragraph!

  8. Like seriously! I don't think the northerners and the southerners belong in the same all! its too damn sad

    N sorry about med school! God will give you grace..I need to up the ante in my school work x10 after reading this

  9. NYSC is just a waste of one year hissss. These fights have been crazy- CPC people are just plain crazy; they are killing anybody (regardless of tribe or religion) who are PDP supporters. All small minded people

    Sorry school is stressing you out. The journey will soon be over! And it'll be worth it :D


  10. A coward is a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.
    After reading some of your posts I have come to the conclusion that this noun does not refer to you. That said, Med school might be showing you "Nor-nor" right now, but you will overcome.

  11. yay for scrap NYSC! Nay for northerners! and more grace to you in dis med school thing!

  12. its so sickening and sad to see how they are killing corpers in the north. dont those people have any sense of humanity at all?? it's so hard not to despise them, i blame illiteracy and ignorance. I blame poverty and the messed up country. I'm just sick and tired of Nigeria and i'll rather the north splits from the rest of the country if that would stop all the killings. lol i swear it's like this med school is a death zone or something. pele dear.. think of where u'll be in a couple of years :)

  13. im from a 3rd world country too before i moved here. i remember when i was in school, can totally relate to your post.

  14. I just got a bill from my last visit to the doctor and vowed to do all I can to make my brother fall in love with the medical profession. I better prepare him for all this (and prepare my bribes too)

    It is well... As for the North, the people who are doing that will not come and read this so I wont get worked up...

    God be with all the families grieving at the moment.

  15. eeyah sorry its a lota work undeniably, just think bout payday ... d future

  16. Med school aint easy dear. Just hang in there alright..and slap that fear of exams back to its hole. You've got the stuff!


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