Sunday, April 3, 2011


  • I'm sick of being an anonymous blogger.
  • Why are so many Nigerian bloggers anonymous? 
  • At this point in my blogging life (4 years and counting), i have no clue why i blog anonymously.
  • I am partial to bloggers who are not anonymous and have been for a while. 
  • Still letting the thought of revealing myself percolate.
  • It will happen sooner or later.
  • Honestly though, it's really starting to bug me that so many Nigerian bloggers are anonymous. I have 289 blogs on my blog list and 90% of those blogs are Nigerian blogs, yet i can't count 10 that are not anonymous. 
  • Watch this space. I might or might not come out of the blogging closet. I just have to be sure of the ramifications before i do anything. I already know people who know me in real life have stumbled on this blog (I'm not even talking of close friends) so what's left? 
  • It's not like i'm blogging about my sexcapades which are non-existent if i might add. 
  • What do you guys think are the pros and cons of blogging with your true identity? 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a good week guys. I've been studying like an indentured servant or field slave. Med school will not kill me.

P.S. Anytime it rains and the skies are gray and there's a cool, gentle breeze blowing, it reminds me of Nigeria. It's been almost 9 years since i step foot in Nigeria and on days like this i miss it. There's always a gentle longing in my heart for that country that never goes away. Home is where the heart is and it will always be home.


  1. I blog openly, and it's fun, you can open about certain things, post pictures with friends, its a personal feel.

    but when people blog anonymously you can be really free with certain things, you would rather not discuss with your identity, or let people know about like sexscapades, cheating, drugs etc

    and I respect people who have the guts to do both, theyre bold.

  2. would be loveky if you reveal yourself someday. but u need to think bout it carefully. or do u feel unrestricted being anonymous? Anyway 9yrs is real long, hope u visit home soon.

  3. omg 9yrs?! thats a lng time.. what stoppd u from visiting home all this while??
    I'm not an anonymous blogger lol..even my sis knows bout my blog #dead
    i really cnt think of any hardcore pro's of being non-anonymous.. i kinda wish i was anonymous cos i'll be able to be 100% truthful bout everything without editing content.

  4. I like that I started off quite anonymous and then gradually allowed my identity reveal. I gradually added people on my FB and Twitter and when they asked, I told them my first name. When my friends left comments on my blog with my name, I no longer took it off. Then, I put one or two (relevant) pictures up and it so happened. I did not have a big revelation party or stuff like that. I think this is a great way to go about it.

    I also think after a while, it's great for people to place your face / name with the awesomeness that your blog may be.

    So, sharp, sharp. Sting...I dey wait. :)


  5. There is nothing wrong with blogging with your identity if you are very open and honest, which I deduce from your posts that you are. It is fun and it doesn't give people room to be hypocrites. I blog openly and I have never regretted it.
    Please, come oout of the closet, we are expectant

  6. I blog anonymously because I want to keep my 'blogging' and professional life seperate.

    A couple of friends know I blog

    However, my job is quite 'academic' so blogging is my more 'frivolous' and 'spontaneous' side

    I might be tempted to reveal myself over time....

  7. Hummmmm......I think pple are a lot more open when they blog anonymously. I have received a couple of E-mails in recent times with comments like "who is 9jaFOODie", I might consider answering the question with things about me, but I don't think I am bold enough to go all "pictured out"

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  9. Yeah i'm def. not anonymous although i use a pseudoname just because i seriously believe i'll be a renowned neuroscientist and writer someday and need the two names separated... anyhow i think it depends on why you want to be anonymous and why you blog. If it'll benefit you to carry on as anon, then so be it, else you know what to do!

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  12. i think it depends on why you blog. see my own experience

  13. I used to be an anonymous blogger.........till i came out of the 'closet' a year ago, sometimes i wish i didn't, but then revealing my anonymity has proved to be good, better networking and i feel like it made the purpose of my blog more real....

    whatever u decide, remember once u are out, no going back :)

  14. True!!!

    You guys should reveal your identities...

    BTW... it seems all the Anonymous bloggers are the best

  15. Blogging under your own name is great if your blog is connected to what you do or promotes your work. That way, your blog identity syncs with your public profile. So for professional writers, business owners, etc it's a case of the publicity being welcome because they get credit for their work.

    If your everyday life or job has nothing to do with what you blog about it may be wise to keep them separate. Especially if you're in a conservative environment you may not want your online identity affecting your reputation which could happen since you can't control how people will perceive your words.

    For me, another reason to blog anonymously is to get honest reactions to what i write. I prefer not to have people leaving flattering comments because they are my friends offline. And it's something that happens naturally- people that like you want to make you feel good. Sometimes it means they are easier on you than strangers would be.

  16. well said culturesoup...i happen to be a very occasional non-anonymous blogger and recently went offline for months on end because all i wanted to blog about was too personal to be shared to the public. However, majority of my very few followers are close enuf friends.

    i decided to blog anyways about whatever i want to but the decision to post it or not remains entirely up to me-dats d compromise i reached :).

  17. I would say that most of those who know me, know my blog, but maybe not all those who know my blog know me. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to have all of you in the public domain but sometimes its freeing! Anyway, I like to think my blog is not all me so I still have a bit of the mystic about my person!

  18. culturesoup pretty much says it all...if your blog is for a work you do then definitely mention your name but if not keeping it anonymous is great. It allows you to say what you want to say...I started out anonymous but i don't even know if i'm anymore...However one thing i know for sure is i will eventually reveal myself although not with my first name simply beacuse according to world record their is only 2 people that bears my first name so its easy for people to find me if they wanted to

  19. oya o sting aka oby aka obiaj aka ok let me not expose you o jare lol you don old pass this anonymous this jo

  20. Ebuka!!! Waka! Don't go and read your books.

  21. I think you should do whatever feels right for you. I blog openly, never thought about being anonymous (initially,) but i definitely have had my moments when I think I should have been anonymous. Open blogging is fun though, only thing is, you have to be a bit more careful/respectful about what/who you blog about. All the best on what ever decision you take.

  22. 9 years?????

    WOW!! That's a really looooooong time.

    As for being anonymous.....I guess it's tied to the freedom of expression without being judged by people that know you/ or have seen you.

  23. am waiting..................:)

  24. I think its just a natural instinct to want to Dr Jekyll and Hyde. Naija Society isnt very forgiving of opinionated women and that's the truth!

  25. I guess like everything in life, being an anonymous blogger has it's pros and Cons. Weighing them should help make your decision easier.

    As Ibhade said......I'm waiting


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