Thursday, March 24, 2011

Repost: I'm still learning to Ignore Shit

Some people, things, or situations are just not worth the aggravation. 

The satisfaction you think you might get from engaging, giving that idiot a telling off, or a verbal annihilation is usually not worth your peace of mind. So go on, hit the ignore button. It works wonders for your blood pressure too.

Dec 2010: I'm Learning to Ignore Shit 

Let's just ignore the negativity of the last couple of days. I have more important things to worry about. Moving on.........................


  1. Goodluck in your studies, don't let anything distract you o jare..take care...we want a first class doctor abeg...:))

  2. oops! forgot to click the follow-up comment!..heheheee

  3. AMEN!! It will even be more painful for the other person if they are ignored.


  4. i always ignore shit ..some ppl jst arent worth an argument lol

  5. 'Negativity over the last few days' ....???

    Abeg who be dat? For where? From Where? To who?....

    Abeg as Ibhade said, dont let anything distract you jare.

  6. they should go and hug transformer biko!

  7. Blessings.....

    YOu just learn to pick your battles and not focus your energies on things not worthy of it. Once you think of it that way it is very easy to ignore things not worthy of your time, focus and energy.

    I have a saying "life is full of shit, so walk with your shovel on your back so you are prepared to move the shit out of your way." People sometimes have a way of dumping their crap in front of you, simply move it out of your way and keep going because while you cannot control what they do, you can control what you do, how you react, what you say and don't say, the power is in your hands, don't give it away.


  8. so am I
    One day, i will go PRO...


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