Saturday, March 19, 2011

Letting off steam

God has a lot of people he's going to punish when he comes o

I've been meaning to write this post since last year because of some things that happened and i actually started it this morning but abandoned it after just the first sentence. However after reading  a comment left on my previous post, i was gingered enough to sit down and write. Today has been a onecasious (one kind) day so this might actually relax me....hopefully (before i kill somebody).

I am a Christian. I love God. I believe in God's goodness and i have my personal relationship with God which works for me. It can always get better but it works. It's between me and God and no one else. With that being said, i will say this. I am not a church goer. From 2003 to 2009, i did not set foot in a church. I went to church once in 2009, a redeemed church in my school's city. I walked out of that church in the middle of service because the pastor not only insisted on anointing everybody with oil, he also insisted on pushing people until they fell. I did not want to fall by force. So i walked out after standing in line for the anointing and getting to the front of the church. I have the right to change my mind and i did. Like my mother would say "dem no dey use shame take chop winch". I went to church 4 times last year and i haven't been this year.

I have seen so much hypocrisy from church going, bible thumping people that i do not for one second believe that someone who goes to church is better than me or is a better christian than me. Like i said, i have a relationship with God which works for me. Every Sunday, i listen to a podcast of Joel Osteen, i learn something i can use in my daily life and i'm good. I'm not complaining so you shouldn't. One of the reasons i stopped going to church in 2003 was because the people who surrounded me and were supposed to be "good Christians" were the biggest hypocrites i knew. The church nko? Another story. Let's not even talk about the church i grew up in, in Nigeria. That was one native doctor disguised as church. So no, i have not had good experiences with churches and Christians.

It really annoys me when someone after doing something bad will now be quoting the bible. The most recent one i heard ON THIS BLOG was "judge not so you may not be judged". Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Are you mad? You must be mad. How can someone who's hands are dirty be quoting the bible for me? Another idiot that used to be my friend did this same thing last year. After not hearing from this chic for over a year cos i cut her off when i found out the super shady shit she was doing behind my back. This chic was shady as hell. Telling me things about someone so i would stop talking to the person so that the coast will be clear for her to jump in. Person wey i no even want. I don't like drama so i jejely respected my old age and left her alone. She's going to email me out of the blue saying she heard i was insulting her bitterly and that God was going to vindicate her. How about God will punish you. You don do bad thing finish, u dey call God.

Hypocrites abound and i am sick of it. You people should leave God alone, okay. He has better things to do. Stop using him to cover face and stop quoting the bible when you know your hands are not clean. Don't think you would scare me or make me feel any kind of way by saying Judge not so i might not be judged. Like i said earlier, get the fuck out of here! Don't let God punish you for using his name to cover up your ass.

Another idiot who's supposed to be related to me is going to tell me last year, that this is how people's lives are ruined because they don't know God. All because i told her the truth about herself. Like i said, God has a lot of people he's going to punish when he comes especially those who use him to cover face. Leave him alone.

I'm by no means perfect and I'll be the first to admit my faults. I don't go around judging people but a spade's a spade's a spade.


  1. wow.. i really wouldn't blame you...U and my dad kinda share the same idea when it comes to religion. He stopped going to church since the day he saw his friend preach on TV.... He called the friend, put it on speaker for us to listen to the conversation, and his friend literally said the reason he now preaches is because it is the fastest way to make money in Nigeria.

    Pretty sad i must say.. God sees our heart.

  2. To each their own, salvation is personal.

  3. "because the pastor not only insisted on anointing everybody with oil, he also insisted on pushing people until they fell. I did not want to fall by force. So i walked out after standing in line for the anointing" .......LOL

    I concure with you that God will definitely punish some people. I am happy you believe that there is God. Please find a way of connecting with Him regularly.

    You don't have to stop going to church because of a pastor's 'show of skills'. You did not go to the church because of the pastor in the first place and so don't let any pastor stop you from going to the church. It is the church of God and not the church of a pastor.

  4. haha Religion is a means of which people use to control other people.
    people play the god card and devil card way too easily to suit their needs.

  5. #gbam!# on the head!

    am skeptical about people who are too 'holy'...they are hiding SOMETHING!

    i tell you, i get bored reading some christian books or articles becox it is all 'talk' & no action! my question is; HOW CAN I APPLY THE PRINCIPLE TO MY EVERYDAY LIFE?

    Like a lawyer, would you reject a case even when the person is lying?

    As a doctor, abortion is a sin, but a pregnancy resulting from incest or rape nko?

  6. Anywhere you have a group of people, you will have these three things: Hypocrisy, politics and cliques. It is not really about the church, it is abpout people.
    These issues u mentioned happens everywhere, churches, mosques, temples, etc. It is normal, as long as people are involved. No vex

  7. lol! You sound like someone pissed you off majorly. There will always be hypocrites. I didn't go to church almost throughout last year too cause of stuff like that, but i found a church this year that actually teaches and doesn't do all that crap (at least not that i've seen yet)


  8. The day i see my pastor preach what i feel is contrary to what i know is in the bible, id walk out, i am a church goer, just sundays though, i really dnt believe in all d numerous weekday services.

  9. i hate the whole hypocrisy, from those going to church so pple won't talk, to those going to church to show off their latest garment. they all baffle me

  10. u de vex sha! let off steam abeg

  11. I do attend mass sunday sundays and in between if the spirti leads. I'm enjoying Catholic masses here. Nothing like entering a church and feeling that peace wash over you. Singing hymns, the rituals. You are alone yet with others. naa, I have never had any problem with Mass.
    If you are at peace with God whatever way you have chosen, I guess that's what matters.

  12. Madame Sting de vex o

    A spade's a spade's a

    Just work harder on not letting things you can't change get to you you hear?

    I agree with M'muje

  13. For everything you've posted, and most especially this post, I have determined one thing: You must be my sister from another mother; we have too damn much in common. I don't do the church thing either, I'm sick to death of hypocrisy and wary of friends. I thought I was weird sha, up until now. At least I'm not the only one who thinks this way


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