Sunday, January 16, 2011

Versatile and Stylish Blogger

I have been awarded the stylish and versatile award by Ibhade (Ms. Nitty Gritty), Myne Whitman and Naijamum. Thanks guys. I know there are rules involved, but i will be doing the "quick" version of the award. Forgive me, my time is no longer my own.

7 things about myself.............
  1. On a good day or not so good day, i look 5 -7 yrs younger than i actually am. It has always been that way even when i was a teenager. In dec. I had a 17yr old pretty much ask me if i was sure i was not a teenager while we were trying to teach them about STDs. There goes all my authority. 
  2. I really like to cook and try new recipes and tweak pre-existing recipes. I never cooked (or hardly ever) while growing up. I just discovered i liked cooking so much after i started med school. That's the only good thing med school has done for me so far.
  3. I love my baby niece to death. She's my boo boo, the current love of my life. I miss her so much. Advise to everyone out there, if you can't have a baby of your own right now, have a niece! I don't care how u acquire one, just get one. They are awesome and you can refuse to change their poopy diapers and no one will be mad at you :)
  4. I'm currently interested in hematology/oncology as a specialty but i don't know how long that's going to last. 
  5. I enjoy match making people. I had one couple last 7 yrs. Well, they are my only success story but i'm trying again maybe this time i'll have one actually make the altar. No, i will not be hooking any of you up. Now if you want to pay me.....that's another story ;)
  6. I like the idea of a Sugar boy...which is pretty much an age appropriate version of a Sugar daddy :). That's my definition o! There might be another definition floating around, but you won't hear it from me. Google it. Not holding my breath for that one. 
  7. I think some boys are crazy. I really do. That's the quick and easy way to explain some of the things they do. People with mental problems all running around with cute faces and chics with bigger mental problems pursuing these crazy guys. It's a sick world i tell ya!


  1. lol. nice...i am loving the sound of that sugar boy o!

  2. lol @ no1...but it's a good thing won't age fast... can refuse to change diapers abi?..ha! no worry,a time go still reach & you can't escape it! :))...sugar boy?... M-A-D-A-M-E S-T-I-N-G!!!!!...see as i call you name? make me come down there oo & show you what big sis can do to younger ones that want to be nutty for the fun of it you hear?! :o

    E would soon be over you hear?...just take it one day at a time.

  3. Haematology rocks. No I'm not a medic, just been a beneficiary of some experts in the field :)

  4. i like the cooking hobby, there aint nothing better than a great cook, the hubby will love it and the kids will definitly say "momma is the best cook in the world" anyway i'm liking that sugar boy too..:)

  5. hahah about acquiring a niece. its not that easy.


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