Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tell me what you think


  1. I'm liking
    The message is strong and the rapper sounds like a cross btw Lil' Wayne and Pharrel - so I'm loving
    Would have loved a harder bass line at some point though
    Good though

  2. I WANTED TO PULL ALL MY HAIR OUT WATCHING THIS VIDEO!!! Just kept shaking my head. Almost wish I didn't watch its, going to affect my morning *pouts*. I hate $hit like this, makes me thank God for my singleness at times. I hate to be bitter this morning but this is the HIDDEN Reality of many relationship, nothing but secrets of LUST and LIES.*rolleyes* NOTHING IS SACRED ANYMORE! GOD Please Come BACK and FLOOD THIS EARTH And START ALL Over!!! Sorry for being so Melodramatic. Just One of those days.

    As for the lyrics and delivery of the song ... extremely well put together. Very Lupe Fiasco, who I so much adore. I love how he switched the hook to relay both of their sentiments in regards to their "foolish intuition"

  3. Like Ifunanya, I'm also frustrated at the message. But the fact is that it is happening everyday, all over the place.

  4. I like it. He reminds me of a young Lupe Fiasco.

    And the message...wow!


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