Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girls are still not smiling!

There are different forms of torture and this is one of it.

Miserability: A measure of how well one can function while being utterly miserable. 
Here i am thinking i have coined a word only to find out that the word already exists and it means something else. Anyway, here's my definition and i'm sticking to it. Right now, my miserability level is pretty high which simply means i am functioning very well for someone that is pretty much physically in hellfire. The question is not how do u feel, but rather how don't you feel? E no get where no dey pain me right now including my brain and my mental state, but seeing as i have 9 lectures and 4 labs left on this night's agenda i have to keep trudging along. I'm not sure how it's going to happen, but i guess med school turns u into a magician on top of everything else. After all they expect you to manufacture more hours to the day. I might need that thing Hermione had in Harry Potter, but i don't even remember the name of the thing, na there matter start to hard.

I don't like complaining about school (anymore :) on this blog. Firstly, na me send myself message. Nobody force me go med school so i shouldn't make anyone else miserable with me. Secondly, if i start complaining, i won't stop cos it's an everyday battle. Thank God no one forced me to do this, i would have made sure that person was just as miserable as i am. Right now, i only have myself to thank for this enjoyment i am experiencing.

By the way, i have so many interesting things i want to blog about but book no let me see road. Even after my exams next week, i have a thousand and one things waiting for me. Where i wan see old person to interview for this place, number one. Two, research proposal, my research mentor pretty much said he wants me to do everything. Dude won't even give me papers to read for background, i should go search for them myself (i laugh in japansese); Three, 5 page paper of the senior citizen interview, plus all the other stuff i have to do for pathway. ILP is due on Monday, i haven't written a word of it.  Jesus be a sledge hammer and knock me out of this misery. My life is wonderful.

Anyone know any stinkingly RICH Alhaji's in real life?



  1. LOL
    I can see you are really stresssssed!
    Take am easy!
    BTW...this alhaji you are looking careful what you wish for oh! LOL

  2. Yeah, i surely read your med-school blogs and surely become drained. I am still chasing Med-school, however I am not sure if its because I trully want it or just want to say I persevered through obstacle. But PLEASE do not shy away from stating the REALITY Of Medical School, its not the stomping grounds for the FAINT OF HEART. People need to know its demands, and so forth. I will be praying for ya. Just keep thinking about the finish line.

  3. lol Sting I love you! So funny...I can relate to what you're saying in a million ways...Right! What DON't I feel. I am tired of ppl asking me how I'm feeling cuz I am EXHAUSTED and also physically in hellfire, lol.
    Dont worry girl I know you are strong and you will pass through this which I know you know :-) I dont mind your complaining at all, we all need to get it off our chest.

  4. Hope you get all your work sorted. Try and find time to relax otherwise you'll quickly burn out.
    I'm afraid this is the reality of the profession. The further you go the tougher it becomes, so find ways to cope with the demand and let off stress, don't let thing get to you.
    all the best

  5. Pele dear. I pray God give you strength. E no easy..

  6. i forgot to add, my mum is not jamaican. Nice try though lol.

  7. sweety - all I can say is - enjoy first year! :)

  8. hmmmm, Alhaji sha, besides the money, some of them na machines oh, so that one, my hand no dey...make you no wound...LMAO

    You, you had better take it easy before you break down, but well, you never can tell what the human body can do, i'm sure you'll be fine...we scorpios are die-hards *thumbs up*

    besides the coffee, drink a lot of water

  9. @Naijamum: Alhaji might not be a bad idea at this point although seeing how i'm stuck here, i don't see how he can help me at this point.

    @Ifunanya: All i can say it, you better be sure you really want it before you start, unless i can assure you without a shadow of doubt that you will have many days were you will regret your decision. When i was trying to get into med school and people would say if you are trying to chose between med and another career and you can't decide, pick the other career. I didn't understand that advice, but now i do. Thanks for the prayers, i need it o!

    @Adaeze :) Your comment made me smile. I'm so glad u r back from ur unapproved hiatus.

    @Scarlet: I heard. Everyone says it gets harder as you go along. It's craziness i tell you. Nothing to look forward to. I just had a third year tell me it gets better when you are an attending. Hia!!!

    @BSNC: Oya now, spill!!!

    @Ebuka!!! I know o. I should be enjoying this cos 2nd year is worse, abi?

    @Baroque: Machine? Abi money machine? Tell me more...... Coffee ke? I can't drink coffee cos of some stomach issues. Just imagine drinking water on top of coffee, you go piss tire. As the coffee is dehydrating you, the water will be running through you.

  10. lol not necessarily worse, but I always wish I had enjoyed my time in first year lol - so all I can say is live life now and enjoy it, book nerd :p


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