Sunday, December 5, 2010

Public Announcement

 Hear ye! Hear ye!

As from today, i shall now be addressed as Madame Sting the 1st of blogsville.
Other accepted forms of address include, her majesty, her holiness and your honor.

Madame Sting :)


  1. Yes! madame STING....but wetin cause am now?....wait! you don graduate?...y-a-y!...but....wetin really happen n-a-h?...*laughing*

  2. Graduate from where? lol. That one still far o. I just woke up feeling like a I really wanted to feminize the name. Sting is kinda masculine. I can wake up and change it again because apparently i think i'm p.diddy abi na diddy or is it diddy dirty money now?

  3. okay OH! Madam Sting. Btw, i never knew u were female oh. i thought sting was a guy

  4. Now we are talking Sugabelly. Thank you.

    @Jobs4naija: Ehn?! Seriously. lol. So my name change is appropriate then.

  5. ok Madman... oops Madam. What is the occasion?

  6. Ehen?!
    Madam... for wetin na?
    Na wao..
    Except that you're willing to accept the responsibilities attached to being a madam huh?


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