Thursday, December 16, 2010


So for the last block of Anatomy we did the pelvis and lower limbs and this happens to be where you find the penis. As my friends and I are going through the bodies we get to a body that has a weird looking penis and i say "what's wrong with his penis, it looks weird"

Then we get to another body with a "normal" looking penis and my Indian friend, was like ewww,....what's wrong with his penis. The other Nigerian and I were looking at him crazy and that's where it all came out. What's "normal" to us which happens to be a circumsized penis is abnormal to him and the penis i thought was abnormal (which happened to be an uncircumsized penis) was normal to him. He then goes on to say a little more about circumsized vs uncircumsized penises but that's not appropriate material for this blog :) So i will kindly leave that out.

This is a perfect example of how we all view life through different filters. I just thought this spoke to a lot of things especially in relationships or marriage where two different individuals are coming together with their different world views and trying to make things work. I think in any situation it is always helpful to step back and try to see things from the other person's point of view because what might be "normal" to you might just be "abnormal" to the other person.

P.S. I still think uncircumcised penises look weird as heck. I mean, WTF?


  1. So in order to avoid conflicts and such in marriage, do you suggest it is acceptable to inquire about one's err circumcision status before saying them vows?

  2. Ebuks: I would suggest u actually take a look see cos u can't trust pple these days. Dey there dey ask me question, no go read. lol.

  3. I don't like uncircumcised penis!

    It looks ugly! getting down on it would be ewwwww! *wink-grinning*

    To the mata at hand; Yes, our upbringing affects our perspective in life. Naturally, we were created differently by GOD & the environment we grow up & events that occurred in our lives, either fine tones the inborn traits or distort it!

    That is why we should respect every body's opinion & not try to pass down the person's throat by force! think circumcised penis are neater & pleasant to the eyes, esp when carved well like 'V' shape!

  4. I love the analogy...I have never seen uncircumcised penis.

    I think the troubles in world is because, we just refuse to accept another person point of view and think our personal belief is the way to go.

  5. lol @ the normal and abnormal penis. I guessed as much before u explained it. u r absolutely right about two people having different views to things

  6. @LG...why u come open your mouth like that nah?...loooolllolll.

    p.s...i meant forcing one's opinion down another person's throat.

  7. I almost clicked on the pic but I'm in skool, so uhm you know, lol

    my roomies had this conversation a wyl ago,(I had nothing to contribute, only virgin in the house)
    Anyways One's boyfriends is uncircumcised and the other two weren't, apparently uncircumcised penises require more cleaning. e.g like after sweating from working out, cleaning is a must, because nasty stuff can build up in the "flaps" you learn a new thing every day .

  8. ewoo i have been polluted and corrupted...someone get me vinegar lol...circumcised all the way..apparently..uncircumsized is more pleasure for the man..but with a circumsized one its less sensation...they dont enjoy it as much..this was form a tv programme about sex so i believe them...funny how i just put a post up about penis' too lol...must be a penisie kinda xmas lol and yuck
    its ur girl barefeet

  9. The things you learn about penis's and life. Haha.

    Great analogy by the way. Very true.

    Lol @ LG's reaction to Nitty Gritty.

    Yeah the picture of the uncircumcised penis is interesting.


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