Thursday, December 30, 2010

Judging a book by its cover

I saw a cute guy today. One quick look, long enough for it to register he was a fine boy, and i turned away in disgust. It has finally happened, i am on the war path with fine boys. I never thought i would see this day. It got me thinking about the notion of judging a book by its cover. It can work for you or against you depending on who is doing the judging and why.

It has worked in my favor a lot so i can't really complain. I remember in JSS3 for our Agricultural Science practical, we were each given a row of dirt and asked to plant corn. Our work for that term was to weed our row, water it and if we wanted to pass, we'd better make sure something edible (preferably corn) grew out of that dirt. There were over a hundred of us in my set, so you can imagine how big of a farm the Agric Science practical turned out to be.

I can't remember what happened that year, but it ended up being only JSS 3 girls in school (I went to a single sex school), because i think we had to come back to write our JSCE for some reason. By that time the corn had grown and was ready to be harvested. If the school authorities sent out a memo saying we were not allowed to harvest the corn that we had labored and gotten blisters for, i never got that memo and apparently neither did most of my classmates. So on one bright Saturday morning, my friend and I decided it was time to go harvest our corn. To be honest, i can't remember who put the idea in whose head, but we were the first to go and harvest our corn. We then took some of it to one of the dorms no one was living in (cos everyone else was home) and went to boil it there. We happened to have stoves in school at the time because of Home Economics practical (how convenient) but we were not supposed to be using the stoves in the dorm. Anyway, by the time we were done with our corn boiling and came back to the dorms everyone else was in, almost everyone had followed suit and gone to harvest their corn.

Before we could say Jack Robinson and settle down to eat our boiled corn, our dorm mistress, matron and a bunch of other teachers had descended upon us. Apparently, someone went to kobalise us. Come and see pandemonium. Girls were running helter skelter, corn husks were being stuffed into lockers, thrown out of windows, stoves shoved in corners, under beds and what not  The teachers then decided to search everyone individually. We were asked to stand in front of our beds and take turns. When it got to my turn, our caterer was like, "no need to search her, she's one of the good ones". See groove. I had boiled corn and the rest of my corn stashed in my locker. I would have been in troubleeeee if i had opened my locker because we didn't have time to properly hide stuff cos my dorm was the first you walked into when you came into the hostel. Till today, i have no idea why that caterer assumed i was one of the good ones. I barely had any interactions with her before that day and i was very puzzled about it for a long time, but that was just the first instance of how my "innocent" look has managed to save my ass. There are many more, but i will save that for another day.

Anyhoodle, back to the devil incarnate good looking guys. It's easy to meet them and assume the best (unless they have a reputation), and it's easier for them to get chics because everyone wants to be with them. I have heard many girls say they don't want to be with a cute guy because of the competition and he is more prone to cheat or they don't want to have to constantly deal with other chics wanting their man. I don't know how valid those claims are but they exist. I'm not innocent in this matter because i am (or used to be) one of those people who put a lot of stock on good looks but no more. I've come to discover that a lot of them are just a waste of good looks, cute on the outside, evil on the inside. Maybe, just maybe if they were not so good looking, it would have been easier to spot that blackness that exists inside of them.

Long story short, i'm on the war path with fine boys. If you know you are good looking, respect yourself and don't talk to me. Don't even as much as look at me because when i see you, all i see is the endless possibility of evil that exists inside you.'s not that serious o! Just kidding. I shall judge you on a case by case basis. You no longer get a pass from me. Shikena?  Now that we are on the same page, have a happy new year.


  1. You just brought back high school memories. I planted corn too at some point during high school. I don't remember what year. But unlike you, I never got to taste the corn. The harvest date somehow coincided with vacation period, so all my hard work, close sting by a scorpion, cuts and blisters was wasted.

  2. lol!Fine boys beware...sting is not playing!
    Happy new year dearie... may the new year bring you loads of joy!(Amen)

  3. YOU don't want 'fine boy no pimples'?...ok o...i understand your fear....but it does not mean sha becox i don see wor wor guys na dey cruise babes like water becox the MONEY is there to spend!...ahaahaa.. 9ja babes are after the kush & bedmatics fine boy nah no get money or hung like a horse is on his own BIG NEW YEAR STING.


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