Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unexpected longing

I just watched Jim and Pam's wedding on "The Office" and i was filled with a longing........... to marry the one i love and who loves me just as much.

Weird, cos i told someone today how uninterested i was in getting married and i was serious. I guess this is what having that desire feels like. I hope it is fleeting cos i can't entertain such dreams right now. I see why they say TV is bad for you, it puts thoughts in your head.


  1. we had this conversation recently, why on earth would anyone want to mortgage their freedom forever in the name of marriage...
    i dont see why people are rushing to get married...
    is it societal or its personal?...
    besides wanting 'legitimate' children, what else might be the point to this marriage institution, & dont tell me companionship

  2. Wedding blues huh?'s natural....every woman wants to be with the man they love...just that many factors come into play for SOME not to WANT TO!.have a nice weekend.

  3. LOL @ why they say TV is bad for you.

    Well, it is natural, very natural for woman to want to be with that man she loves. It is a desire God has already put in us. However, society has changed what marriage should truly be. Low value is placed on relationships, fidelity and ultimately marriage hence it is not very encouraging. But marriage is beautiful if you are joined with someone who is committed to it and you (not necessarily in love with you at first sight). Didnt you like being with your niece?

    @bArOquE: - it is people like you who may end up having good marriages because you have questions (and hopefully your questions will be answered properly). No point rushing into marriage if you do not know why...ask God, who created marriage, why, and you will be surprised yet at peace at the answers you'd get.

  4. Marriage aside, it's perfectly natural to want someone who loves you above everybody else and can ask you in the evening 'how was your day?', etc.

    Marriage is just a confirmation to the rest of the world that you all belong to each other and anybody who looks for your spouse's trouble is going to get through you first ;)

  5. Lol! That's because TV love is so beautiful and usually far far different from reality.
    But hey, marriage might not be that bad, especially if you do it with the one you love...

  6. This is why I've cut down the number of RomComs I watch to a very manageable minimum. Infact, I like them in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith/ The Killers kinda action-romance, where all the pishaun pishaun overshadows the 'love'. Because, that's what those movie/series producers do, they'll play with your mind and then next thing you know, you want to marry Columbus Short...

  7. ha ha ha..... Isha, i love Columbus Short. He's so cute. I want to marry him.

    @baroque: Don't believe in getting married cos society expects me to. Need to find the right person for me first before i even start thinking along to lines.

    @Ms. Nitty: Yeah, marriage dey fear me. I think if i found someone that i felt was ready to do the work and everything else was in place, i might be more interested in getting hitched.

    @Rita:I agree with u. I haven't found the one i want yet, so dont want to be longing for marriage just for the sake of getting married.

    @Carameld: Yes o! My husband better be ready to do power ranger for me cos i happen to be a troublemaker.

    @Young Grumbler: That's true but the problem is finding that right person.

  8. lol@TV being bad 45 u, i agree :)
    so babe d thing dey hungry u??

  9. LG: Welcome back o. I been think say u don abandon us forever. The thing been hungry be small yesterday o. I don sleep, wake up, my mind don clear again.

  10. It's only as it should be be, you'll find the one soon. Keep your eyes and heart open.

  11. im looking for a wife so we can get married if you want

  12. lol i love the comment about tv being bad for you. sooo true, it puts crazy thoughts in your mind. I dont know sting, I think you're not so against marriage as you appear. lol but I have no proof, I may be wrong.

  13. @Myne: I guess it's natural(?) I dont know again o.

    @James T: Are u tall, dark and handsome? Are u a knight and do u possess an armor? Above all, can u cook? ;)

    @Miss natural: I wonder how and where u got the idea that i was "against" marriage. Far from it. I'm not running towards it with open arms, but that does not mean i am against. I've never been into the marriage thing, because so far i don't see how it will benefit me, and the thought of getting married was not a desire that came naturally to me. I think i will want to get married, after i have been in a good relationship for a long time and my brain has had time to reset itself. Until then, na look i dey.

  14. lol yeah you're right. 'against' was a wrong word choice, and making the comment I felt so too. At that point of time I guess it best summarized how I understood the post. At least I was right on one count, despite being presently uninterested in marriage its something you admit might be a reality :)

  15. @STING...make I find your trouble. wetin dey hungry you.

  16. @Miss natural.... ok, fine. I agree :)

    @Mama bomboy aka Andrea: You wan know wetin dey hungry me? You can't handle that sensitive info o! lol.... nothing dey hungry me o.

  17. I am still undecided about marriage especially since am bi and don't know if I'll end up with a man or woman or if same sex marriage will be fully legal then.

    But yea don't rush into marriage!

    Actually I think what am undecided against is weddings


  18. sting...sting....sting on bended knees i make my plea. Nigerian Scorpio would u marry me? lolz (no mind me..i like looking for trouble).
    been a while since i dropped by ur blog.
    FREE Talk Blog

  19. Take your time, there's no rush. These things always happen at moments when everything falls into place, i.e the desire, the right guy, the right time.

  20. heheheheheh, it's normal to have those conflicting feelings..
    Shows you're alive and have a healthy upstairs..

  21. why does weddings do this to females! oh well, i think there is too much ado done on weddings joo. all dat money spent 4 a one day occasion, when u have a life ahead of u that has very little to do with the wedding

  22. care to share the link of the wedding?


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