Thursday, July 29, 2010

Date with an Octopus

Octopus Paul in olive oil
Why does it look like eyes? Doesn't look like the picture on the pack. Eyes afraid to eat it. 

A random buy. Never had it before.

Rice sticks and octopus with carrots, corn and salmon. YUMMY!!! (A sting original recipe)

Octopus straight from the can tastes like some kind of seafood (ha ha) but with a meat texture. More like a tendony(?) texture. Tastes much better after it has been cooked or in this case sauteed with seasoning.
Verdict: I liked it.

I'm still waiting for my psychic, fortune telling abilities to kick in. Watch this space :)

Wishing my baby brother a happy birthday today. I'm so proud of him. He starts pharmacy school this fall.


  1. oh lawdd....u have mind oh....
    e go hard me to chop octopus...

  2. Not just eyes, but eyes in a scary horror/thriller movie. You are on your own with that octopus business o, I have no plans to compete with you in the future-predicting industry. I'm not adventurous with food like that. I'm still trying to like snail. Lol.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. noooooooooo! octopus ke?..goodluck o!..pls when your psychic powers kick in, let 9jas know o!...we would need it for the female u-20 fifa cup o!..hehehe...have a nice weekend.

  4. WOW...hmm eat a lot of things, but umm octopus?..ya I'll pass!

  5. hmmmm dis one pass me o
    i no fit chop am o

    all dis octopus talk all over d like say i dem miss sth???

    have a wonderful weekend dear.

  6. sting you're hard sha, I swear i can never do such, my adventurous stops at 4 legs. lol, true talk this could be naija key to world cup you just swallowed there

  7. eeewww! believe me, i'm a lover of everything seafood, but octopus is where i draw the line! Those suckers/suction pump thingys gross me out so bad! Tried squid once too..chewy but never again!

    have a great weekend!

  8. I happily stick to my good ol Nigerian Food.

    Happy Belated to ur bro...

  9. I once had baby squid, and that was enough for me!!! You can take one for the team!

  10. ...with sweet corn too
    when i was about saying that i was not going to eat that your octopus business, i saw picture 3
    pls lemme know when your psychic powers come to play (advice though, try it out on football first)

    Happy belated Birthday baby bro


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