Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look what i did!!!

Yep, i got two more piercings on just my right ear. I only wanted one, but somehow got talked into getting two. I think it's cute. I actually wanted a piercing in my tragus, but the lady said we had to do that in a tattoo shop and we were at the mall. This was kinda impulsive cos the last thing on my mind when we got to the mall was to get my ear pierced although i had been thinking of extra piercings for a while now. I had ditched the ear piercing entirely and was going to get my belly button pierced, but i think this is cool too. It's not exactly aligned perfectly in the back of my ear like i would have liked but i moved really bad the first piercing cos the pain was a shock to my system. I have a very low tolerance for pain. I love it though. The studs are pink, btw. Pretty cool.

UPDATE: SO i just got home to GA. Drove 5 hours non-stop. Not even one pee break. I'm so proud of myself. Anyway, i showed my mom my piercings. I first told her i wanted to show her something but she can't freak out. She made a couple guesses, then she asked if i had gone to "open my ears". I pushed my hair back and showed her. She frowned, i blabbed a couple of incoherent reasons, then she said, it's fine. As long as you are happy and she meant it too. Surprise, surprise. I think my mother is getting old. She is getting laid back about stuff. I approve.... lol.


  1. wow...wasn't that part of the ear painful????

    i pierced a 2nd hole on my ears (d earrings part) like 2 mths ago...its cute but the pain....

    ***i like d studs

  2. I have my tragus done, you should get it :D

    Btw, cute :)

  3. all i can think of is ouch!!!!!!!!!
    musta hurt
    cute though

  4. oook....did i just hear about pain??? no thanks

    but your pink studs are nice

    i once saw this diamond stud & was very tempted to do an ear piercing...'m still convincing myself that'm too old for that shit

    PS: why might you want to pierce your tragus??? ;-(

  5. They're cute o. What I recall from my second piercing is that I wanted to throw up. I was dizzy. My mother did it.

    She got back from my market one day; called me downstairs; numbed my earlobes and pierced a second hole right next to the first one. We hadn't talked about it. She didn't know whether or not I wanted a 2nd piercing. She just gave it to me. I shoould explain that she's a trained nurse, so I guess she's puncture happy. Lol. She has like 4 or 5 piercings on one of her ears. Lol.

    (I had to google 'tragus'. You medical people why does everything need a name??!! Lol)

  6. Awww... so tempted!!!

  7. cute :D but yah, my tolerance for pain overshadows any cute weaknesses I have for piercing... hence i doubt i'll be enjoying any anytime soon :)

  8. cute...tempted but scared of pain, so i deliberately stay off any form of pain

  9. OMG!!! Both of them @ once?

    I also have 3 piercings on one side, but it's 2 at the bottom and one on top. Been seriouslu contemplating the tragus one but my mother almost cried when she saw her daughter with 3 piercings in one ear so i'll just chill first.

    Did you say pain? My dear you couldn't have been in pain if you went ahead to pierce the 2nd one.

  10. lol @ Nitty Gritty. I love u, lady. I haven't shown my mom yet, she gets to see it tomorrow. I bet she will agree with u.

    Thanks guys for the comments. My ear hurts. I was having second thoughts this morning, but i think it's cos it's not equally aligned in the back and my OCD tendencies for perfection is making it drive me crazy. Oh well, according to my sister no one is looking at the back of my ear.

  11. pretty cute.
    I have had my cartilage pierced twice and i actually didn't feel anything just a very tiny pinch.

  12. Looks nice. But the pain! I don't even want to imagine it.

    Of course I also had to look up the meaning of "Tragus".

  13. I'm such a wuss! I'm happy I don't remember my original set. They look pretty.

  14. it looks really cute but piercings and tattoos, hmm maybe cos I dont like that kind of pain I wudnt be getting one.

  15. It really pretty.
    I wish I had the guts...*sigh*
    My tolerance for pain is even lower than yours.

  16. I like it! I've been thinking of getting pierced there too but I keep talking myself out of it.

  17. ...turn a little bit to the right, i can't see your face clearly.


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