Wednesday, July 1, 2009


There's an overwhelming number of things i have to do before school starts, i just want to bury my head under the sand and pretend they don't exist, but i can't. After all the hassle to get admitted to med school, you would think things would at least be smooth sailing from there. But no o! No.

I have to get a physical exam done, get a chest x-ray on top of that cos my TB test is always positive, fill out my health, dental and life insurance forms, pick a PCP randomly because i chose an HMO plan, complete the orientation activities form, try to decide if i want to re-take the 4 hour long CPR class, even though i did one last year and it's valid for another year. However, as i can't remember jack and we start meeting with our primary care mentors in October, i need to at least be able to do basic CPR, just in case.

Now, there's the faces book (ha ha) that we have to fill out and attach a picture to. Add that to my obsessing over moving 13 hours away, getting my utilities set up, trying to decide if i'm going to take my TV or not or go without watching TV for the next 4 years, worrying about what the hell i am going to do with myself after my brother goes back to GA, already missing Lenie and wondering if my brother is going to remember to feed the birds, I am basically a mental wreck at the moment.

I'm abandoning it all and running to FL to hang out with my sister and kids. All the wahala will still be waiting for me when i come back, so i might as well go pretend for a week that i have no responsibilities.

P.S contrary to what my last post will lead u to believe, i am right-handed. Obviously, i can't tell right from left at this age and after all that education. The last drivers test i took 6 years ago, i almost failed (after failing 3 times prior, don't ask), because i kept going the opposite direction that she told me to. If she says left, i go right and when she repeats" i said left", i figure out i was going the wrong way. I did that at least 3 times during the driving test. Pity. LOL


  1. Wow that is a lot! I am not sure you will get to watch that much TV in the next 4 years. Have fun in Florida!

  2. thats a lot of thought know what, maybe you should do the ones that you need to do, based on utmost priority first, before you proceed on any weekend trips...don't leave stuff to do behind, avoid back-logs if you can. e.g.wash your dishes right after eating so they dont pile up & become a chore...if you know what i mean. enjoy

  3. If you can watch TV on ur laptop u might not need a TV.
    Do all ur medical stuff as soon as cuz might take a while to get results and they make a big fuss about stuff like this.
    I'm with Baroque on this start with stuff that can't wait before you go. u could also try do some stuff while ur on holiday!!
    Don't worry u'll be fine...when u starting??
    I'm super excited for you!!

  4. I only learnt left from right after I lost part of my finger on the right hand.. I now know that is the right hand. LoL¨

    Dont worry babes...go and enjoy youreslf in florrrrida.

  5. Why are you failing your drive test?
    That's so hilarious, it's all about concentrationa and a bit of patience dear.

    Nice blog.

  6. Wishing you refreshment while you're in Florida, so you come back ready to get that to do list done!

  7. Take your tv, you may not get to turn it on for couple of months or even a year, but one day you will be glad you brought it along.

    I used to just turn mine on and mute the button. Seeing the pictures floating around made me feel like there was a world outside my house. There was a world outside "books"

  8. so much to do so little time
    awwww ul b fine dearie

  9. You do have a lot to do, so much in fact that i'm confused by it all. Goodluck in doing it and try not to stress...'try' being the operative word.

  10. You have a lot on your hands! I wish you the best dearie...

  11. LMAO. I have that 'your other right' syndrome too. Don't mind all those people that think we're crazy jo, it's the greatness that becomes us.

    All the best with Med School prep. God give you strength.


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