Friday, July 17, 2009

Wrapping up

I am officially no longer an employee of the psychiatric hospital. I turned in my badge and my keys yesterday and my badge was cut up in front of me. It kinda hurt. Even though i haven't worked there since early June, i was sad about leaving and i miss it (i really do, weird). I remember how much i loved working there before i became overwhelmed with all the stuff i had to do and lack of sleep.

I was able to say bye to the three people who meant the most to me there. I just lucked out that they were working yesterday, as i had no guarantee anyone i knew would be there cos i usually worked weekend nights. All three were working on the same unit, i was very happy i got to say bye to them. They told me things weren't still right at the hospital in terms of staff safety and whatnot. They said a couple of staff had gotten hurt by the patients and one Nigerian nurse had broken a couple of toes a day before during a take down. This was on the same unit i had been excepted to work at by myself on the night i walked out. I was sleep deprived and extremely tired that night and that is a very bad combination for anyone working on that unit. I am so glad that for the 10months i worked there, i wasn't hurt by any patient.

I was insulted, intimidated, scared many times by patients attempting to hurt me, but no one was able to physically put their hands on me. I am so thankful about that. The only time i got close to being hurt was the one and only time i was involved in a take down and i hurt my shoulder when we fell to the ground. So u might wonder how come i was only involved in one take down the whole 10 months i was there? Easy. I stood back. I'm sorry! If there were other people there who could do it, why should i put myself in a position to get hurt. $11 an hour wasn't worth that crap. So that chapter of my life is over and i am happy it went as well as it did. It was an amazing experience and i'm glad i was able to have it. I met some interesting people/characters, i had one of the best laughs of my life, learnt so much about myself and life in general. It was worth the sleepless nights. I just wouldn't do it again.


  1. mm so Many Memories, congrats all d same,
    *we go wash am??? :-)

  2. congrats on taking that bold step.


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