Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've been trying to paint my nails since 10pm yesterday and i'm still not done. Urgh! The life of a defeated perfectionist. I feel handicapped waiting for this thing to dry. I didn't realize it would even affect my ability to take a piss. Can u imagine?!!! Trying to pee yesterday ruined one nail, which made me scritinize the rest of the nails and conclude they all look like crap. Before i knew what i was doing i had cleaned off the polish on both hands and started again this morning.

12 days before moving to the "land of no black people": Mood? Scared! It's so far from home and i don't know anybody. Yikes!

I have started packing up my stuff. Half of my clothes are going to salvation Army, no use hanging on to stuff that don't fit anymore even though they are brand new or barely worn. I'm only taking stuff that will fit in my not so large car. I really don't have that much stuff anyway.

My week in FL showed my family that they don't want to deal with Lenie or rather how difficult it would be. As always God stepped in and turned what would have been a huge fight into something that wasn't a big deal. So when i was in FL, my brother called me and said we need to talk about the dog. Bottom line, he can't take care of the dog, and my mom who had persuaded me to leave the dog behind and assured me that he was going to be fine had now reneged on her promise and was even talking about taking the dog back to the pound. I couldn't even be angry cos i was mad at myself for falling for that trap. I should have known better.

The apartment i got doesn't allow dogs at all, no exceptions. I even called the manager again to make sure. Now the few apartments i saw that allowed pets during my search didn't have underground parking, and that was a must for me cos it snows like crazy down there. I was actually willing to get a place without underground parking just so i could take my dog, but my mom said she didn't want me stressing about anything while i was in school and offered to take the dog.

So here i was basically stranded. There is no way in this world that i would take Lenie back to the shelter. The day i got him from the pound, i promised i was going to take care of him for the rest of his life, and less than a year later, i was already failing. I told my sister in FL what was going on and she and her fiance agreed to take Lenie since they already have 2 small dogs of their own. I just thank God for everything cos it would have been a mess and he saved the day.

Lenie's hair is growing back. He no longer looks like a rat. Yay!


  1. I am first? God always has a way. I am glad for you. Be happy.

  2. LOL@a defeated perfectionist...i may just be better than you. haha...you shouldnt have gotten the dog if you knew you were not settled as per location, they are like children you know, children that eat meat. LOL...i like your mum

  3. Awww good for lennie.

    I got a doggie 2 years back as a present i had assumed i'll get married to the giver and we'd live happily ever after...

    Husband i eventually married doesn't like dogs and neither does landlord...

    Doggie eventually got stolen from my mum's place. This is after months of intense suffering and a kidnap attempt oh!!!

    I'm sad whenever i remember it sincerely!!!

    QUite happy for lennie sha

  4. Thanks Ronnie

    Baroque, my plan was to take the dog where ever i went. My sister who is taking the dog advised me to wait until i was settled but i wanted a dog so bad. It was an itch i just had to scratch.

    Ah Fluffy, I'm sorry ur fluffy cute thing was stolen. It must have been hard on u. I read about the kidnap attempt on ur blog. Pele.

  5. yay Lenie has a home, Thank God for your sister! I can never get my nails done properly either! I always have someone do them for me.

  6. where r u moving to?

  7. Oti o! Leggy, that is a secret. lol. Anyway, i'm moving somewhere in the midwest for school.

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