Monday, June 29, 2009

Girly girl

It's 2.56pm in my side of town. What have i been doing all day since i woke up at 7am?

Trying to paint my damn nails!!! You see why i'm not girly?!!!! I didn't know it took this long and you are basically immobilized until they dry AND they take forever to dry. I have had to clean they off and reapply at least 3 times. It is sickening, but this is part of my total make over mission and i will not give up. Yes, I can!

I refuse to go to a nail salon cos when i start med school, i'm going to be broke, so i might as well get with the program now.

So besides, trying to paint my nails, i have also been been messing with my hair. I guess nail painting and hair styling don't go hand in hand. Now i know. Anyhoo, i did a hot oil treatment using olive oil, then i conditioned with mane and tail conditioner also mixed with olive oil, shampooed, sprayed a leave in conditioner and wrapped the hair. I am letting it air dry, cos i'm trying to minimize heat to my hair.

I have been called an El cheapo by my brother cos he thinks i should just go to the salon and be done with it, but those hair dressers don't really care about the health of you hair, so i'm taking charge. We'll see how it goes.

Have a good week guys.

P.S. My left hand looks like crap, i might have to re-paint it. Lord have mercy.


  1. Totally feel you on the hair situation. I came across this to help with my hair, it might help you too. Goodluck!

  2. lol im totally the same. ungirlish. i stopped painting my nails in junior sec school cos it was just so fustrating, i wud always mess it up and have to reapply at least 3 times :)
    yeah your personal hair regime sounds good...hope u see a real difference

  3. hahaha.

    Babe, please put up a picture of your nails. Abeg!

    Best of luck though!

  4. i only do my toenails...
    i always mess up my fingernails and they don't even last a week when i get it professionally done. it helps that i do have good nails,so YAY!

    as for my hair, started my own haircare. them hairdressers kill my freaking hair.


  5. lol...i dont do that either...i dont paint my fingers at all!!!!i always try to remove them after a few days so i just stopped painting them!olive oil is grwat for your hair!

  6. Your left hand looks like crap? Does this mean you're a lefty (assuming you painted the fingers of your left hand with your right hand)?

    (I have a thing for left handedness...yes, I'm a weird one)

  7. GNG I'm a lefty and I struggle painting my left hand yes lol

    I can't be bothered to remove and reapply though..if I mess up let it be. I just did mine yesterday in a nice purple metallic shade.

  8. are you left-handed? I'm righthanded, and it took forever to be able to paint my left fingers. I learnt this weird thing where I would move the right hand around to paint it, while the left one kept still (the polish brush is in the left hand). It's almost stupid, but with brain power, you'll get perfect. (As in the concentration is major, if someone talks to you, you can't even answer). Lol.

  9. lol as long as ur hair n nails look good... who cares bou a saloon
    they look good. dont they? they do ryt?

  10. I hope the air drying didn't make your hair go frizzy. I need to learn how to make my own hair sha!


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