Friday, June 5, 2009


If you can't tell by now from reading my posts, i'll go ahead and spit it out. I am a moody person, have always been since i was a kid. Weird personality, what else can i say about that. I'm still brainstorming ideas for my blogsville gist blog. I'm excited about it, you should be too! Why?!!! Because i said so.

I've got two weeks to go at my lab...... Yes sir!!!! I'm all smiley and happy now at work cos i see light at the end of the tunnel. That job did not suit my personality at all. It's like been a personal assistant, but for a lab instead of a human being. I am the research tech, and i guess if u want to break it down in simple English, i manage the day to day running of the lab. Including, the monthly paperwork for the financial transactions.

Sting, when i open the oxygen tank it makes a noise
Sting, we saw a screw fall off the chair
Sting, order this!!!!
Sting, order this ASAP!!!!!
Sting, what happened to my order?
Sting, when is it arriving? It hasn't arrived? Why?!!!
Sting, something's wrong with the HPLC
Sting, the sonicator is not working right
Sting, i need 16gels made every day for the rest of this week
Sting, the scissors for perfusions are no longer sharp. Sharpen it, somehow!
Sting, we have double litters in the breeding colony, don't let that happen again!
Sting, i need you to do my petty cash reimbursements.
Sting, the red light is on on the water filter
Sting, the sink is blocked
Sting, our key is sticking in the lock
Sting, I didn't get my grant bank statement, go locate it.
Sting, kiss my ass and don't forget to wipe it afterwards!

Thank you GOD! It's about to be over.


  1. i tolly know how working in a lab feels. i dont like it sha

  2. lol Im excited about blogsville gist. It does sound like a hard job, the only jobs I like are jobs where you can sit down and browse the internet. you wouldnt blive that there are many out there :) It's almost over! yay, happy for you!

  3. Lol so you are the everything-person at your job? Me too.

  4. hey frist time at ur blog
    LOVE IT..
    i used to be so moody also it was crazy
    may i suggest a hobby to fill ur time
    join a dance class or something like that...
    and it will help loose weight *wink*

  5. Lol at"kiss my ass and dnt forget to wipe it afterwards"
    Thank God its almost over.....its not a nice thing to hate ur job,so i'm glad ur almost done.Cheer up

  6. AMEN TO THAT!!!
    Pele, I was known to be moody too, everyone has their moments o jare!

  7. na wa oh, na only you? no wonder u'r so eager for it to end!

  8. at least my someone's job is worse than mine...keep your head up, like you said, it will soon be over

  9. he u no ive been coming to ur blog but i always tot dat pix on top ws a i'd come..c it nd say...this chic hsnt updated..lmao.i like ur kiss my ass and dnt forget to wipe it.

  10. all that for one person. Kpele its not easy o.

    lol@kiss my ass and don't forget to wipe it..


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