Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Words You Will Only Hear from a Nigerian

I saw this on facebook and it cracked me the hell up. Thot i'd share. Naija 4 life people, that's what's up!

1. Insult upon injury
2. Nonsense and Ingredient
3. If i sound u ehh, I will soon slap you
4. How Far?
5. Can i see your particulars?
6. Anything for me sir?
7. Are you mad?
8. Half-caste
9. Next tomorrow
10. Make i come block you dia
11. Lie, Lie
12. See me see trouble oh
13. Shift for me, lemme sit
14. abeg vamus
15. nonsense say wetin happen
16. Abomination
17. Over my dead body
18. God forbid bad thing
19. I need to retouch my hair
20. all words with 'bloody' eg bloody fool, bloody liar
21. Na wa oooo
22. Tell me something
23. Why do you want to know my name?
24. I beg joo
25. Can u imagine,
26. wonders shall never end,
27. Tofiakwa
28. Chei, Kai
29. Oya
30. Hold on I want to branch somewhere
31. Come and Escort Me
32. Stop at that junction over there
33. Borrow me your pen/biro
34. Still yet
35. Me and you will enter the same trouser
36. You are so annoying
37. Why? Because Y has a long tail and branches
38. What is the time? Quarter To buy your own
39. Effico
40. ITK- I too know
41. Muumu
42. How are you? 'We're managing'
43. and so what?
44. I want some assorted biscuits eg Rich tea, Digestive
45. Your face look familiar
46. You are so daft
47. NFA- No future ambition
48. Are you already ready?
49. That is so dry!
50. My belly is full
51. Did they sack you?
52. I trekked all the way here
53. Where is the toilet, I want to piss
54. I want to drink cold mineral
55. Which ones now?
56. He was trying to toast me
57. Jacker
58. Your head is not correct
59. Have you seen that film before?
60. Just imagine!
61. My school fees money
62. No wahala!
63. Reverse back small
64. Oya, shake body
65. Shine your eye
66. Carry go
67. Don't try me o
68. Enough effizzy
69. Nna, You chop?
70. Ashewo bastard!
71. What happen?
72. We must wash am!
73. Eeyin, but why? (meaning ore/aboki/friend-- why now?)
74. You f--k up!
75. No be soooo!
76. I will see you today, athink?
77. Cold iced water!

I added some of mine
  1. Short Knicker
  2. Effizy
  3. Lai lai to lai lai
  4. Na so?
  5. Well done
  6. Big Madam
  7. Oga Sir!
  8. Tufiakwa
  9. God punish you
  10. Singlet
  11. See as e be. Winch!
  12. Extreme end
  13. Full to the brim
  14. Waka waka
  15. Ashewo, ten kobo
  16. Me nko/you nko
  17. dress from me small na
  18. Shege banza
  19. you kiss crase?
  20. If i wooze you
  21. walahi, talahi
  22. Nna bros
  23. Katakata
  24. Dem send u come?
  25. You see me for night?
  26. Odi kwa risky
  27. Bad belle
  28. Long throat
  29. Waka!
Oya, make una add una own.

Naija Bloggers Award 2009, coming soon!


  1. hello madam sting,
    I am adding my own o
    How body na?
    I no go berra for you
    stupind morrafucker (it must be said that way).
    walahi talahi.
    God will punish you for your wickedness.
    stupid bombastic idoit.
    no be so
    oga come correct o
    wetin sef
    na wa for some people o
    I go show you pepper
    and so on and so on

  2. lol.... you added so many that every time i tot of one it is already there!! i shall have to think of some more.
    lol at Temite: Morrafucker MUST be pronounced that way!!!

    O i remember one me and my family used to say when we were young. if we were particularly annoyed we woule say
    "American f...king shit!!"
    This was the ultimate swear word in ma family!

  3. Funny. Mine are:
    Na so?
    You dey there?
    I dey come
    Dem dey follow you from village?
    Who you be?
    My colour
    Sh dey bleach
    Na you sabi

  4. Hmmm, how come i can't think of anything?

  5. I've said it before and Ill say it again, just for the 'joy' of hearing near-ridiculous Nigerian lingo, I could never really live somewhere else!

  6. Hehehehe...very funny post Sting!

    I cannot believe that everyone forgot: Long(er) throat!
    Others are:

    Agbero park
    Arrant nonsense
    Area boys
    Someborri (must be pronounced like that too)
    I don belleful
    Thunder fire you
    Coconut head

    the only other ones I can think of are in Igbo, so it's aii.

    P.S I owe you some mail...I've not forgotten, I've just been CRAZY busy! I'll definitely mail u sonn, I need some pointers!!

  7. the latest.....ORIE'FOKASIBE :)

  8. yelz yelz yelz,u are very mush correct.all u bigs girls,go on soun......

  9. lol... the other ones i know

    1) we no dey even see your brake light again? (when u haven't seen or heard from someone in a long time)

    2)you are very OK (or alright) in this business (maybe when someone gets a new job, car or something new..or looks great)

    and do you remember- 3)you look TUSH (fine)

    and 4) Fashi him jo!


  10. Hahaha...
    Nice post...
    Your father....
    Bladdy fool...
    You go fear fear...

  11. i remember seeing this in one of the groups on fb too.

    and i've used a dozen of this phrases too...even when in posh mode we just cant help but saying 'na wa o' ...lol

  12. I sooo miss hearing some of these words and phrases and being able to use them myself evryday without ppl goin....huh!!!

    If i add d ones i know, you wld all be lost!

  13. I am adding my own, that no none naija person seem to understand...

    IT IS WELL...

    someone asked me how I could say it is well when her grandpa just died...

  14. looooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!

    1. for wia(where)?
    2. whats the P?
    3. oga, i hail o!
    4. e go better
    5. how far na?
    6. shut up ur mouth that u've never washed since the day u were born!
    7. what? water and garri make eba for ur wedding day!


  15. i had seen dt post also...u ever ask sumone, "wats up?", and they say norrin mush, just shillin!


  16. odi kwa risky!
    That list is too much!

    Thanks for cracking me up!

  17. "school fees money.."
    "ice cold water.."
    "reverse back small..."

    dem send u to me?
    wetin na?
    dem dey smoke soap?
    make e enter bush?
    play play, play play(say it fast lol)
    ....lol.. we need a nigerian dictionary.. cos we are fast evolving a new type of language(wudnt call it english)

  18. LOL @ all the slangs. So true though, almost every sentence has an element of "Nigerian English" to it. Stuff you can't say to an English person!

  19. Ko si ori e be
    No long thing...
    Ja mi si
    ba wo le se lo?

  20. Lol. Let me add more:

    Na lie
    I go flash you
    Se who die

    Even you own that you add are in use. We are dynamic people really (lol)

  21. Ki lon so?
    how d parole?
    denge pose
    maga don fall
    oya to jo

  22. With your tun tun belle like scallywawa.
    You're nothing but a hanging pant under my feet. (I never quite understood this one, how does a hanging pant end up under your feet?)
    Your bow leg like bow and arrow.
    Your 4 corner head like cabin biscuit packet.
    etc etc...

  23. Haha! I use like 50% of those phrases!!! Oh yeah #36 is used more by dumb blonde chicks!LOL

  24. looool! Wow this made me laugh! I love "reverse back" I think you pretty much covered it tho!

  25. lamo! my sista, u get am!!!!! i've been laughing so much,remembering d good old days. i no dey carry energy speak most of those now. every just dey form queen english. hehehehe. yes oh. u missed to add 'yes oh', & 'no dey carry me play'

  26. lol at toluwa...razz ge!ever heard of girl being pronounced ge

  27. enhen?
    and so bloody what?
    burn 440 (four forty)
    ooooh!(more like oh-oh-OH..to express dissapointment)
    thunda faya u!
    God punish you!
    thaaaat is!
    say wetin happen?
    if i crack you ehn!
    don't mind him/her/them
    see ya head
    see your mouth like [insert whatever the person said sarcastically]
    no be beans!/na beans?

    those are the ones i can remember now...and LOL at the "we are managing" one..."grownups" always said that when i was little...shuo, errytime dem dey manage

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. LOLL! Many of these can be found in Kenya and Uganda too: “Borrow me,” “Next tomorrow”, “Escort me”… I've heard those from non-Nigerian Africans. “Particulars” is actually British.But Nigerians, y’all are a hilarious and entertaining bunch. All we hear is corruption, blah blah blah and this made me afraid of y’all for a bit but I have so many Nigerian friends now and it’s beautiful. “More grease to your elbows!” (got that from a Nigerian.) Hilarious post.

  30. the list so true

    what about dress for me?
    just like shift for me........


  31. LMAO!
    i use NFA on my boyfriend all the time!
    and see me see wahala!!
    gosh I love being Nigerian


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