Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hello Dear,
How are you today my name is miss jennifer,
iam a yung lady i saw your profile today at(bellanaija.blogspot.com)
and i became intrested in you,i will also like to know you  more,
I hope you will be the true loving, honest, trutfull,
God faring,trustworld,sincere, and caring man,
that I have been looking for,
And I have something special to tell you about myself,
So please reply me now so that I will send you my  picture and
tell you what i want to tell you about my self.
God bless you,

yours love Jennifer.

Abeg, my people make una help me understand this email wey i get. I know the name Sting is kinda masculine and i vaguely remember someone saying they thought i was a guy. But on my blog profile it clearly states that i'm female. Why am i now getting a love abi na interest letter from a female? See me see wahala. There's nothing about this blog that doesn't reveal my identity as a female. Some blogs are gender neutral like rethots ( i always thinks he's a female, even after he clarified, i still forget), my blog is not one of those. Wetin i wan come tell this woman wey dey write me love letter?

I read the Mrs. Club. After i have digested this chinese food that i overfed myself with, i will come back and talk about the book (another day o!, this food no ready to digest any time soon)

As for the naija bloggers award, only GNG and toluwa have even "hinted" that they might be interested in helping. Neither of them have committed o! So as at this point, it's just me. I've already contacted my friend so he can design a pretty decent logo (or whatever it's called) for winners. We need different categories, like someone (can't remember who) suggested, "Most diplomatic blogger" etc. We have to come up with those. I want us to have really fun categories, not the regular old bootleg stuff. Also, i think we should agree on the title of the award, like should it be Nigerian bloggers award, naija bloggers award or blogville abi na blogsville award etc.

Come oh! We all need to agree on this... Is it blogville or blogsville? And for some reason whenever i see blog(s)ville, i only think of Nigerian (or honorary nigerian) blogs.

Seriously guys, u all are DULLING big time. I can't do this thing by myself. I need people to brainstorm with and exchange ideas so we can make this thing fun.

I remember in secondary school, we used to have the "MC" awards in my class. We had categories like MC cute, MC struggling to bubble, and MC i must contribute (Ezinne) etc. Me and one of my best friends always used to win MC cute. It was a lot of fun cos we had really silly categories that kind of made sense, at least to us. I miss my class girls menh!

Anyway, ur thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Leave it in the comment section, email me (chacha4mi@hotmail.com)!

Ciao people.


  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok Stingers I have decided to commit myself to this. Oh my GOSH I am shuddering as I type this. We shall see sha.

  3. Archiwiz where u shout first run go, no comment, nothing?

    At temite, thank u much. I'm sure it will be fun. I don't think it's going to be a lot of work, just people exchanging ideas and promoting the stuff.

  4. ok...I COMMIT! lol!

    em, i will try and give smart ideas sha!

    lmao @ the letter! even if u were a guy, dt letter wldnt even make anyone flinch!

  5. thanks Toluwa, pls email me so i can have ur email address, and we can start some planning. I know u have smart ideas up ur sleeves.

  6. schew! i got that same email too. its spam!

  7. I got an SMS from "Jennifer'also proclaiming undying love and offering to meet with me. I think "Jennifer" is the new hustler pen name. lol

    Blogville awards. Will see if I can come up with anything that isn't mindless dribble...

  8. Alright Stingess. Just assign a role to me. Will help out the best I can.

  9. lol. that jennifer chick sent me that email too. i was even gonna blog it back then, decided not. Im sure its another form of 419.

    as for the award, u have plenty people to count on. me? ok yes.

  10. Madam,i think that babe is a 419ner oh meaning she or he as d case may be is a fraud.i will suggest u ignore her/him and if u are in the mood.send the person a mail asking for her number then call her and say stuff like u sent me a mail wen she asks who is dis?give a totally different name,cos she sent the mail to a lotta people,she wont remeber then u can insult her/his father....

  11. Maybe u should change ur name back to Stingess…LOL…just ignore d person 4 real

  12. That mail smacks of 419. Love the idea of a Nigerian award. i think something like that went down 2 years ago.

  13. mc struggling to bubble...funny one..yes o pls is it (blogs or blog)ville ..
    ..i always thot rethots was a chic o..

  14. Sting a guy?

    Freaking Hilarious!!!!

  15. jennifer's cheating on me i see....lucky for you u're not some horny dude.

    so whats the award about? and wheres it supposed to hold?
    i need details before i can commit myself.

  16. Straight to the “Blogsville” issue. It sounds better as “blogsville” or you may say blogshpere…

    This letter you got, someone send it to me with a different name. Betty or so that he found me on BlogHer. I made a mistake of replying cos she asked if we could be friends. She then started hinting that she wanted a caring man and all that. Imagine. I just ignored the mail b4 I wld be asked to state my account details

  17. NA wa for that email o, even if you want to scam people, should the person not try to speak good english pshew
    Anyway, good one bout the blogville award...maybe if you outline what you'd like people to do, then i might be able to volunteer..might is the operative word here..lol

  18. Maybe the babe was a lesbian na?! I get so many yahooze emails on my blog email its ridiculous. I'm beggining to think some bloggers are yahoozers sef...lol

    I love the idea of awards! I always say 'blogSville'..but either one works. I like the sound of 'Naija Bloggers Award' better. The other one sounds sooo serious...lol. Maybe you could do different posts where we leave our ideas about stuff...like a post about categories, etc, that way everyone just comments till everything is together...

  19. The email is a spam? No way, I was wondering why/how someone could get it so wrong.

    Where have i been anyways, just hearing about the Nija blog awards. I think its blogville not blogsville...but eh does it really matter?

  20. hahaha, I would love to see your response to the mail.

  21. wow!!!now the mail you got is absolutely hilarious!!!...mail Jenifa to dream on! lol...
    Okay about blogville award...errrmmmm I'm errrmmmm in a way...errrrmmm...kinda ...uhmmm...in!!!
    Okay put it this way...I'll help out as much as I can...deal?

  22. Lol @ the spam mail and @ mc struggling to bubble.

    But yeah having an awards thingy would be great. Fantasy Queen already asked the questions I had in mind. I would love to commit tho....lets see what happens. As for me, Blogsville sounds better.

  23. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG! I'm almost in tears and i've not even finished reading!
    Sting, only u, sweet, loving , caring man!

    Lemme go back and read sef.

  24. You know I still have a problem seeing you as female. My brain has refused to register you as femals. I need a brain anti-virus ;)

    This award... good idea.

  25. the award thingy sounds like fun, my only problem is that i tend to commit myself on a whim without "usually" living up to my end of the bargain, for this reason i'll advise u not to take me seriously even if i send a mail volunteering my help.

    be warned...lol

    that said, even if u were a guy, his Jennifer girl is obviously vapid! what's with the Jennifer name of late sef, it seems to signify everything razz nowadays...lol

    with all this,I HEREBY commit myself.

  26. lol..yeah sting is a lil masculine.
    Naija ppl and toasting sha.

  27. Haha, i shall have to sting you next time you think me female.

  28. yes o we have to agree on that,but i do think it's blogsville cuz there are so many bloggers eh?

    love your blog

  29. your blog is nice. i am not sure if i can commit, but i will help decide the winners if you please.

  30. hahahahaha now thats funny. Hey I thought you were a guy too until I saw "she bites" I knew you were a girl...still LMAO...lol ok ok even though you have a girl as a pic...the name throws it off. Well maybe she could be les...lol


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