Saturday, March 30, 2013

Q & A with Sting

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my previous post. The comments were very helpful to me and i'm sure to many others who read it. I couldn't really participate as much because i had a very busy week. I just want to say that however, wherever or whomever i end up with, my ultimate goal is to be happy and to be at peace. Marriage for the sake of getting married is not a good thing especially if you end up with the wrong person for you. I think people need to take their time and pay attention, your spouse is the only family member you get to chose, so why not be careful with it and chose wisely.

*Jemima, leggy thinks you are awesome and i agree.

I think it is appropriate to end this month with the Q and A i promised on my return, although i refused to actually leave :))
  • How old are you? - Me and Methuselah dey drag age. Quite unfortunate if you ask me.
  • When were you last in a relationship (or are you in one and you're just hiding that from us)? - Only Jehovah knows the answer to that question.
  • What happened that kinda made you stop believing in God? - I actually do believe in God. I just don't believe in the Nigerian version of God/Christianity and i don't like organized religion too much because a lot of it is a load of crap.
  • Would you return to Nigeria to practice once done? Nope. Nothing about that country makes me want to return. I just saw a picture of a girl who was tortured, raped and murdered and she had a huge stick in her vagina. Someone did that! Someone else took a picture of it and put it online. Sickening. I would love to do yearly medical missions however.
  •  Do you think you would ever stop blogging? I don't know what would happen once i start residency, if it's going to get more hectic than this. The good thing is blogging comes naturally and i never have to wrack my brain for what to blog about, i always find time because i enjoy it. We'll see what the future holds.
  • I miss the troublesome Sting (LOL), you used to be a fighter, what toned you down? - Med school has drained all my energy and i am not even kidding. I don't have the energy for wahala anymore. Plus, it was something i wanted to work on. I believe in constantly improving myself, so i wanted to be more in control of my temper and feistiness and learn to pick my battles. I think i am getting better at it mostly by avoiding it. It's still there though, just don't look for it cos you might get it.
  • What made you choose medicine? I am one of those weird people who have wanted to be a doctor since they were little. I have wanted to be a doctor since i was 6 years old and i have never once changed my mind. My brother was a sick child, so we were in hospitals a lot and i thought his doctor was awesome. Then i watched a documentary on VVF when i was a teenager which pretty much solidified what i wanted to do with my life. Girls in the north who had been married off early, ended up with VVF while trying to have their babies and being ostracized from their families because they were dripping urine and they stunk. These doctors came and performed surgery on them and gave them a second chance at life. I wanted to be able to give someone their life back the way those doctors did.
  • where is that alhaji, or the guy/girl in your life- I LOLed when i saw guy/girl. If i liked girls, i'm sure you guys would know by now. I'm not the kind of person to remain in the closet. I have and will probably always have a weakness for cute guys. It would be nice to have an alhaji or a sugar boy. Still looking. I want to go to med school and just be a trophy wife. None of that practicing medicine bullshit.
  • when are you going to stop hide and seek? If you mean when am i going to stop being anonymous, i'm not. Most people who read this blog already know what i look like. I have put my picture up numerous times for you guys to see the chipmunk who writes this crap. I am a real fire breathing human being. lol. I enjoy the freedom my anonymity brings. This world is such a small place, i don't want a patient or attending or someone in my "professional" life, even classmates to stumble on this blog and know it's me. It's just weird. However, i stand behind everything i write on this blog because they are 100% me. Anyone who has ever written me can attest to the fact that i am approachable and "normal" so my anonymity doesn't hurt.
  • How long have you been blogging? I started blogging Jan 23rd, 2007. This is my 4th blog.
  • How many children will you like to have? If it was entirely up to me, i would have 2 daughters who look like me. My sister has one daughter who looks exactly like her (like carbon copy, no joke, it's weird sometimes) and her baby looks like her dad. They both turned out very cute and pretty and precious. I love them. So i can settle for that too.
  •  are you still a virgin? Hold on, the virgin Mary is on line 1....She said i should answer that question after i have my first child.
  • what your political affiliation US? I voted democratic in the last election. Had to do the absentee ballot and everything because I REALLY wanted to vote for Obama, other than that, i don't really give a shit.
  • Your passion? I am very passionate about HIV awareness and prevention. The plight of women and children all over the world.
  •  A topic that gets you talking each time - Nigerian Christians and their hypocrisy.
  • Type of music? - I love Naija music. Wande Coal, Banky W. Wiz kid. I love good music. Since we are on the topic of music, i want to use this opportunity to ask what's the big deal about Beyonce? I am so indifferent to her, i wonder if i am missing something. I don't particularly like her songs, i recognize she's powerful (she's one of those people who are meant to be great), but i will pick a Rihanna song over her any day. That's just me and what i like to listen to. 
  • Best movie? I can watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding, over and over and over again and i have.
  • Have you had makeup sex before? Yes. I've had make up sex with my books plenty of times, we get very intimate from time to time. It's just me and them up in the wee hours of the morning, what else is there to do but fight and have make up sex.
  • How many rounds of $#* can you comfortably take within 7 hours??  The day i read this question, i forgot i was in quiet room full of people studying and actually burst out laughing. This is a question for a man, they are the ones with the long refractory period. Besides why would anyone want to have sex for 7 hours? I guess this is how women end up with honeymoon cystitis.
  • whats your bff like if you have one? Did you mean boyfriend or BFF? The last time i had an official BFF was in Junior Sec Sch and i have featured her youtube on this blog before. Now, I am pretty close with Dr. Sushi and we are not alike. She's more outgoing, sociable and i am a quiet homebody, until i get comfortable with you, then i won't stop talking. 
  • Do you say no easily or do you have people pleasing tendencies? There's definitely no people pleasing tendency bone in my body. The only person i try to please is my mother and even then, i still do my own thing. I am a blunt person but that has gotten better with age because i am considerate and not selfish, so i can go out of my way for people because i can and want to help, but if i don't want to i have no problem saying no.
  • What are you most afraid of? At this point in my life, i would say nothing. I used to be so afraid of failing an exam and actually had multiple recurring dreams about taking an exam and not knowing anything or arriving late or not finishing on time, or not being allowed to take the exam, at least 8 dreams involving me and exams. This was mostly during and after undergrad that i was having these dreams. I have since gotten into med school and failed exams and the world did not end and i did not die. I don't fear anything anymore, except rats. The human kind i can deal with, but the animal way, Jose.
  • What makes you feel vulnerable? I'm too stressed out half the time to feel vulnerable about anything right now. No be that one dey worry me. 
  • If you could be a Nigerian celebrity, who would you be? Annie Macaulay.
  • What's been the most exciting moment of your life? The day i got the email that i got into med school, a week after my first interview. Med school hasn't been a cakewalk but getting in was such a huge accomplishment for me. I was very excited and happy. Hummm! SMH. 
  • Besides blogging, what other hobbies do you have? Believe it or not, i actually enjoy cooking and i am a pretty good cook these days. I love coming up with recipes and trying different ways to make stuff. I don't call myself a concortist chef for nothing. Dr. Sushi came to my apartment the other day and asked if i had food before i could answer she was like real food, not your concortions. LOL. Hey, trust me, it works. That's how new recipes are made. I also love taking pictures of food. My graduation present next yr is going to be a DSLR so i can take good food pictures. I love artistic pictures of food  and i can be on foodgawker for hours just looking at different presentations. Some of those pictures are so sexy. I wish i had more time on my hands.
  • Why did your last relationship end? Some people are just not meant to be together. I think it is important to be in a relationship where you feel like you are part of a team and someone has your back. If i wanted a devils advocate, i would phone a frenemy.
I hope you enjoyed reading it. I didn't necessarily enjoy typing it cos i have a headache and i am still sleep deprived from last week. 


  1. Oh ooo, you didn't answer the sweet questions :D ;p. Which kain answer be this one:

    "Have you had makeup sex before? Yes. I've had make up sex with my books plenty of times, we get very intimate from time to time. It's just me and them up in the wee hours of the morning, what else is there to do but fight and have make up sex."

    Anyway,*rolling eyes* I wasn't surprised Myne asked you got that question of guy/girl relationship. Sometimes I think you may be lesbian too...haha ^_^

  2. Nice to know more about you, I've seen your pictures, just wondering. But I totally get your reply, and some of those answers, so funny, virgin mary, makeup sex, etc. Don't worry, we will find the Alhaji soon :)

  3. I'm surprised at the Annie Macaula answer. I see her as a weakwoman and the complete opposite of everything you are

    1. Lol....that's y u should hv known it was a joke. I don't have any Nigerian celebrity I would want to be like. Maybe Oprah if she was Nigerian.

    2. My GOD u scared me there i was like huh?? I havent been coming here for long but from your profile and all I see an Educated Independent woman/Lady who can take on the world when I saw Annie Macaulay hen my heart sank lik huh!!?? naaa but thank GOD say na Joke..ohhh pls hen of all celebs wey dey Naija..Dont have anyfin against Annie but please..

    3. Lol....u guys r cracking me up. I had initially written I was joking, but took it off cos I figured what d hell. I don't think anyone would want to be Annie expect maybe Pero Adeniyi.

  4. Lmao@Virgin mary. You're something :D
    I actually miss the troublesome/no-nonsense Sting. I totally get the "choosing battles" thing though.

  5. Yes I enjoyed reading. Like the way you answered them in a-straight-to-the point-way. Interesting questions tho.

  6. Totally enjoyed reading and knowing more about you. I haven't seen your pictures before; totally get your responses on picking your battles and reasons for your anonymity. I guessed the celebrity thing was a sub.

  7. I like your sense of humor, its priceless. Virgin Mary and Having sex with books!!! We share a common interest in that we can talk for days about hyprocrisy of Nigerian christians. I tire for them o.

  8. aww Sting, thanks for the appreciation :) but why you no answer the 'interesting' questions now? you are just a case! love your sense of humour...

  9. Lol, I like your answers esp on the Nigerian church,...and Christians.

  10. Hi Madame Sting, I enjoyed this post but can't leave any comment other than an apology for everything that happened yesterday. I spammed and deleted so many comments except urs and Ahdaisy's.
    For any of your comment that disappeared, I am ve sorry.
    I may never spam, but just delete directly from now.
    Please forgive me. Even though I have never seen ur picture, from what you write and I read, I know I love you and this blog.
    I am very sorry.


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