Saturday, March 16, 2013

Help me, People!

I need help. My hair line needs Jesus. It has refused to grow for over a year now. The biotin/castor oil is helping the rest of my hair, but my hair line just won't grow. It's bothering me so much, i dreamt about it last night. The last time i had a reasonable hair line was in 2011. Then i got some tight cornrows, they fell out and nothing since then. Like, Jesus christ, Lord Jesus. What is going on?

I don't even care if i have long hair, i just want a hair line. This my friends, is the affliction i have been plagued with for years. I think it's part genetics, mostly stress.

Advice, suggestions, solution, concotions, anything. I am ready to rub marijuana on my hair at this point. The rest of my hair grows very well. Just my freaking hair line. Yes i have braids, but i can't blame the braids cos there was no hair line to braid 3 months ago, you would think something would have grown by now, but noooooo................

Lord, am i being punished for something? Did you decide to smite my hair line away cos of all my blasphemy? Hmm? Oya, answer me nau, we are still friends o!


  1. HavE the same problem for I would siddon with you to read other comments :D

  2. I hear that turtle's shit is good for hairline rejuvenation, hehehe...

    Seriously, I think most hair grow products rubbed regularly on the area should work :)

    1. Lol at turtle's shit. I stopped to consider if u were serious for a minute. SMH.

      I am tired of rubbing with no result maybe I need a hair transplant.

  3. Haha I just recently started caring about/for my hair. So I'm just going to tell you some of the things the 'black hair gods' claim stimulates hair growth.

    First of all you've got to be washing, most Africans wash hair once a month or even less often. And I read somewhere that the dirt can clog up your roots.

    And then you have to pay attention to the shampoo you use... avoid the ones that have silicon in them (i think it was silicon they said lol) something about it being too harsh for use on the hair that often.

    Wash every other week at least, cowash the weeks in between if you can.

    I don't know, I personally don't do much for my scalp because when I moisturize and seal it gets to the scalp. But if you have no hair in the front then... I don't know. I've seen ones where girls apply castor oil directly to the scalp but you said it's not working for you so...

    Or maybe it's just the oil you're using? Maybe it's not right for you, have you tried Moroccan oil? It's a couple dollars (or cents) more, but I hear it's supposedly one of the best.

    So you might want to try that on your scalp directly, and if you wash, reduce use of harsh substances, don't use grease (don't ever use grease), and make sure the products you use ALL have aqua as the first ingredient! Then you should be good.

    Oooh and also don't move your hands through your hair too much... reduce contact, don't comb as much don't rake your fingers through it unnecessarily

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Y did u remove ur comment? There was nothing wrong with it. I use some kind of silk scarf.

  4. I need help too so i will be checking here for response, but braids really makes the hair least that's what caused mine, like i have this one bald spot at my hairline and it just wont grow :(
    Lol @ turtle shit...i thought she was serious for a min there

  5. i had the same problem a while ago. I thought applying products was the solutions, when it was actually part of the problem. Here are my recommendations.

    1. Use a satin pillow case
    2. Use a hairnet that doesn't have elastic in the band.
    3. Don't apply products to your hairline. I recommend just spraying water to your hairline. If you must use products for your hairline, simply tap it on. Don't rub or massage it in. That pulls out the hair. So kinda just place it on the hair and leave it alone.

    The hair on our hair line is tender (for lack of a better word). When you apply products and rub it in, it pulls out the hair. You can do a check for yourself. Take products, rub it in your palm or whatever and rub into your hairline the way we usually do. Then look at your palms. You will see all the hair from your hairline on your hands. Rubbing in products actually PULLS out our hair.

    1. Wow!!!! I have been rubbing and massaging o! No wonder cos the hair line breakage has been getting worse. It wasn't making sense. Will definitely implement this. Thanks.

  6. As little contact as possible. Try a repairing mask for the front of your hair like Miss Jessie's Deep Repair or something like that. Google it.

  7. Low manitulation and moisture is important. So as someone already mentioned sleeping with a silk scaf should reduce breakage while you sleep and hair styles that dont pull you hair (I think braids and weaves do the most damage).

  8. Wild Growth Hair Oil

    Supposedly works wonders and I used it while I had braids on. I noticed I didnt lose much hair at the hairline after I took out my braids. Youtube and google the name for reviews.


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