Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to be a Man

Here's how to become a man in 4 easy or not so easy steps

 First and foremost you need two things, a Y chromosome and MIF (which inhibits your mullerian ducts aka I form the female parts thingy). You need these two things to form your internal male parts.If you have XY chromosome and don't have your MIF, you will by default have female internal genital. So you will genetically be a male with a uterus, ovaries, fallopian tube etc just because your MIF decided to play hookey on you.

THE DEFAULT IS TO BE A WOMAN, that's why chics rule! Woot! which is also why there are more females than males in any population. This is true.

Okay, so you lucked out and got a responsible MIF. Y chromosome and MIF check, yay, you are in business, male internal genitalia formed.

But what about the outside parts, the fun part .... your external genitalia.

Well, you would be needing some testosterone for that. No testosterone, no dingaling. Capisce? 

The only way to get testosterone in utero (in your mama's belly) is through 5 alpha reductase which is an enzyme. No 5 alpha reductase means no testosterone which means, you end up with male internal genitalia and a blind pouch for a vagina. So you are a female on the outside with male parts on the inside. Might be a good or bad thing depending on who you ask (You could ask Jamie Lee Curtis, she's an XY, surgeons cut off her testicles-to prevent cancer and deepened her blind pouch vagina for intercourse). 

So let's say you have your Y chromosome, MIF and testosterone. Yay, clap for yourselves, you are now a proud member of the I don't ask for directions club and have male internal AND external genitalia. Phew.... 

But wait!!! Hold that sigh of relief, 

You NEED Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a stronger form of testosterone in puberty to actually keep you penis and stuff. No DHT, kiss your pee pee, bye bye. This is the phenomenon known as penis here today but gone tomorrow = Testicular feminization. Young boy growing up, becomes a teenager, all of a sudden, penis ran back in and he now has a blind pouch vagina.....oh the horror!!!! At least he doesn't have to have a period. lol. If this ever happened to you and you are reading this, please forgive the joke which i know is in poor taste. 

So let's recap

In order to become a man and stay looking like one, you need
  1. Y chromosome and MIF - which both form your internal male parts
  2. Testosterone - which forms your external male parts
  3. DHT in puberty to keep your external male parts
Now if you came here expecting a different kind of post, my apologies. I just think this shit is interesting. PLUS, if you read it to the end, here's a cookie. I like you. 

Ever wonder why some people are "gay?" 


This is going to be my last boring post/last post period for a while. I will continue to put up pictures/quotes i find interesting or inspiring. Hope you've being able to learn a thing or two from this blog. You can thank me later.

See you on the upside. 


  1. This is why I almost failed Chemistry. Good for you though, this was all kinds of nerdy, scientific awesome. Becoming male is hard work!

  2. Gosh i cant remember any of this, was this in secondary school biology?, i don't think so.. this is so informative .. thanks Sting

    1. Definitely not sec sch biology. I don't think it was this detailed. No wahala.

  3. hmmmmm this is so useful and educative.thanks dear

  4. Huhuhuhu! that's my Chinese laughter for you Madame Sting. Not what I expected though. HILARIOUS!!!

  5. To be honest, I find this highly informative and interesting. My wondering brow just went up.


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