Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not at all like christ - Happy Sunday

 I know i am supposed to be off in my little hole studying but this is important

If you read this blog regularly, you might have an idea about how i feel or what i think about religion. However, don't assume anything when it comes to me because there's always more to it than meets the eye. I used to think Christians were bad with regards to self righteousness until i started watching Hijabis on YouTube. I learnt what Haram meant pretty fast just by reading comments. It was either this is haram or that was haram, and people who do that are actually referred to as the haram police. Very off putting if you ask me. So now it's pretty evident to me that Christians don't hold the monopoly on self righteousness and being judgmental.

I don't claim to be a bible scholar or anything of that sort and i can count on one hand (literally) the number of times i have been to church since 2003 but remember the part of the bible where it says "train up a child....."?  From the time i was 9 (when we became Christians), i was raised in the church, i have a firm foundation that has never left me. If i know nothing else, i do know that as Christians we are supposed to be FOLLOWERS of CHRIST. We are supposed to emulate Christ and try to live our lives as he would. I don't remember anywhere in the bible where Jesus was judgmental or unforgiving. He did condemn the pharisees for trading in the temples, but he never looked down or ostracized sinners, neither did he slap anyone and tell them they were free to go to hell. He never said, you are gay therefore, i hate you and you will go to hell. People who want to talk about Sodom and Gomorrah, need to take the time to really read the old testament and check out some of the outlandish stuff that is in there. So are we going to pick and choose? Really? Really, really? It's not your place to judge anyone. It's not your place to take on this holier than thou attitude, raise your noses at people and think you already made it to heaven.

The point of this post is a question.

For those of you who claim to be believers (I read a specific comment on Myne's blog one time that was directed only to believers and i just shook my head. I can't stand the writer of that comment and he annoys me more than anything/one else around these parts but we won't go into that), how much responsibility do you think you have to be an example and what do you think that entails?  I have seen so called Christians be anything but Christ-like. Holding grudges, having an unforgiving spirit, judging, condemning, looking down and shunning people they think are sinners, picking and choosing what part of the bible they want to ignore, ranking one sin above another, having no love or empathy in their hearts, having no clue what charity or being your brother's keeper means, like i said being everything else but christ-like. These are the people who claim to be born again and are supposed to be one with God. People who cannot let a Sunday go by without going to church. Being a church goer does not mean anything. It's what's in your heart that really matters and your relationship with God.  Did the bible not say, by their fruits we shall know them? I see your fruits and i don't knowwwwwwwwww........o_O

When i look at such people, if i didn't know better, i would want to have nothing to do with Christianity. Yes, salvation is personal but there are a lot of people in this world who are lost and need guidance, not only with regards to religion but in all aspects of life. If you as a Christian are not able to inspire someone to want to be like you, and instead make them question what version of the bible you are reading, then you are not doing what Jesus would do. Whoever came up with that question "What would Jesus do?" was right on the money. Let's keep it sweet and simple, WWJD? You can never go wrong with that.

No one died and made you God.

Self righteousness is not cute. Stop it!
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