Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Classic Med school Dilemma

How do i shove all this amount of material into my brain, in this (small) amount of time? A recurring problem. I can tell you that.

I dey look book, book dey look me. Only the power of suppression is keeping me sane. Jesus, father, lord, Jehovah, Chukwu, Oghene, Oghena, Osanobua, biko nu......I need other powers.

Let me be a winch for Jesus!

Okay! I'm going to stop playing and go and finish my questions.

Sleep is for the weak, but i am weak, Lord Jesus. I am weak. LOL.

O Chukwu!


  1. One word - Coffee. It works for most people, self excluded. I thrived on Pepsi when I needed to stay up.

    1. I can't drink coffee or any caffeinated product.

  2. Blessings.....
    Take it easy, be patient with yourself, try not to stress too much. YOu are brilliant, God don't make fools, do the work & trust, you will come through.

    stay blessed.

  3. HE is your strength.

    P.S. I like how I can't comment on the last post. Sha I shall make a way where Madame Sting has ensured there would be no way. Whether the boy to fine oo whether e to wowo (GOD forbid bad spirit sha), you berra halla at him!

  4. Babes...........easy does it! were ya nwayoo biko

  5. it is not easy...abeg stop to dey look the book begin read am. It is well.


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