Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This is how i carry last in everything. 
When God was handing out genius brains, where was i? 
I was back there somewhere eating cocoyam. 
Now look...
See me, see book
see cement
see brain

 I shall be setting P with my books tonight

I just ♥ Banky W.
Big head and all :)

P.S If i wasn't going to be a doctor, i would so be a chef.
I don't necessarily like eating food as much as i love making it and coming up with new recipes aka concortions that taste good. Anyone ever made beans, but instead of using just plain tomato sauce at the end (I never use palm oil to cook anything), make your sauce like you want to make fried rice......saute the liver, different color peppers, and then add in tomato sauce (and your other seasonings) and let simmer before adding it to the beans?
Yummmerz x10
Try it.


  1. That recipe sounds like a good idea to try, will keep you posted. And good luck with your books :)

  2. so you are chopping beans with curry and thyme this girl?? you want to make me shit abi

    1. LMHO....I just love this comment. No be small shit sef, na even the type that sings :D !!! Lol

    2. Ha! I don't know who has been cooking for you people o or what you have been cooking for yourself! Why should curry and thyme in beans cause shit?! lol. U sure say no be the shit wey u for shit regardless....lol.

      I've been eating beans and stew (which has curry and thyme) since i was a kid without incident. You should try it before u knock it and if it causes any mishaps, i shall send u to HoneyDame to administer her agbo jedi jedi on you FOC.

  3. Lmao. You des babes sef. Banky is cool & the way he makes fun of his head on twitter en smh

  4. My dear if you don't mind cooking for free, you can bring your concortions to NY, I don't like cooking as much as I like eating. ;-)


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