Friday, May 13, 2011

Where did my last post go?

Blogger really had a field day the last couple of days. Couldn't leave comments, sign in or do anything. Una well done o. After you are done fooling yourselves and dealing with ur maintenance issues pls put my last post back up. I sacrificed 15 mins of sleep to type that post!!!

P.S. I have been asked to make demands from Naija. Anything i want will be fulfilled. Well.....except for the fried snails i really want or the Suya, or Kilishi or even Gala. Le sigh. The only thing i could think of was Golden Morn. I used to request Naija movies but thanks to NollywoodLove and Bunibuni, i no longer have to do that.

So people please, help a sister out. What do i want from naija?


  1. as in, blogger was trying to fall my hand oh!

    how about material to sew clothes. And indomie!

  2. I have indomie my friend's mom brought since last year. Not a big fan of the thing. As for material, i no get money to sew cloth. Poor med student syndrome :)

  3. i tire for blogger o! they better recover the posts.

    materials, yam, gala, palmoil, dried fish

  4. Blogger?...No comment sef

    Ask for food stuff that'll last...if you cook...

  5. I also lost a post, and composed that post on blogger so it's not even on my system. They even put up a wrong one! E no go better for them.

    Ask for gala, my favorite.

  6. Please order fried snail ;);)..I was waiting for your updates too :S

  7. Dont mine blogger jare.They removed 12 comments on some of my blog post(s) due to "maintenance".

  8. Blogger was being a Diva. Heh!



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