Monday, May 2, 2011

Brand name Food

After being on this this earth for 150 years or there about, 2009 was the very first time i ate a salad. I fought against it. It was disgusting, food for goats, i was too much of a carnivore to ever put that goat food in my mouth. In the midst of my loud protestations about my hatred for anything vegetables, my scale kept getting more faulty and faulty and telling me i was getting bigger. Well, all good things must come to an end and you can only pretend for so long that your clothes no longer fit.

So i decided to submit myself to the indignity of eating vegetables. Me, a future doctor, who had never had any kind of raw vegetable enter this mouth ever, ever, ever. I was the "hold the tomato and lettuce" chic. Onions? God forbid. Over my dead body. My burger was usually just bun, meat and mayo. I had my first salad and didn't die. It actually wasn't so bad. Surprise, surprise, i actually liked it. I thought i had died and a demon had possessed my body the day i was craving a salad. Who was this alien chic? I still don't eat raw onions though, that would literally be over my dead body.

Well, i have come a long way from 2009. I am now a bonafide vegetable eating future doctor. I buy mixed vegetables, add shrimp and eat it with brown rice. I love my salad, fish, croutons and creamy french dressing.

Aha.....creamy french dressing. I don't know why i picked it the very first day i went to get dressing for my salad after my sister had told me to stop being a neanderthal and stop eating salad without dressing. I am a very picky eater and hate a lot of tastes, usually anything remotely garlicky (reason why i stick with what i know i like, for the most part). I looked at the wide selection of dressings and decided that creamy french dressing was the most harmless looking and had the least yuck factor.

Long story short, it changed my life or at least my salad eating life. I got the Great Value (Walmart) brand, over the Kraft brand mainly because of the price, but as i was to find out later, all creamy french dressings are not created equal. When i went back to school last August and was stocking up my refrigerator, i decided to buy the Kraft brand. Big mistake!!! That shit was oily and generally nasty and i couldn't bring myself to use it more than twice. It sat in my fridge until it expired this year.

Point of this post? Great Value Creamy French Dressing is awesome. Kraft brand? Not so much.

Moral of this story?  Well, i didn't have one when i started this post but i do now.
Brand name is not always the best. However, be very careful and wary of Great Value Cornflakes. Oh my Jesus, those things nearly broke my teeth. I tried it that one time (after watching a consumer report on TV that said brand name food are the same as store brand), and didn't bother to finish the packet, how am i going to explain to people that in trying to save $1, i was left toothless and brained shocked (don't bother trying to understand that, i just made it up). You know how when you are eating beans that has stones in it and you bite into one unexpectedly? Na so o! I just respected my old age and went back to my dear Kelloggs Cornflakes. No be me kill Jesus.

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