Saturday, October 16, 2010


I feel accomplished and i haven't even gotten up from the couch where i slept yet. I went from 81 blogs on my blog list to 160 in about an hour. I'm trying to hit 200 before the day is over. But i have to abandon that project for now cos my stomach does not like being empty especially since i haven't taken my medication.

Can someone please help me figure out why i have refused to sleep on my bed? The couch is not that comfortable. I'm not sure what is going on with me. I'm already mentally gearing up for Monday. I can't believe (well i can) that we only have 3 weeks before the next block of exams. No time to even relax and take it easy. The marathon continues. The good thing is Dec 17 is getting closer, faster. I want to go home and go be with my people. I can't believe just last year, i was threatening to leave and never come back. Life is funny.

I'm going to start paper journaling again. I think it will help me sort my thoughts out better. I can't write a lot of things on this blog anymore and i miss it. I feel like i need to get myself back and writing has always helped me figure things out, cope and put things in perspective. I actually stopped paper journaling when i started blogging. I didn't stop completely, but it's definitely not on the same level it used to be. It's fun to read back and remember things you had totally forgotten about. At some point, i plan to turn this blog into a book, just so i can have it on paper. I currently have 3 journals that have never been written in. I had to stop myself from buying more cos it was getting ridiculous. I have a total of 10 journals and i want more.


  1. ffffffiiiirrrrssssttttt :D Ignore me.
    P.S i love journals too, they're just too cute... although I have controlled myself to buying just one at a time... I can relate :D

  2. Can I have some of that accomplishment? LOL....congrats on your pass. As for journaling, if the notepapers look like that, why not?

  3. for some reason i sleep on my couch too and it is not in anyway comfy


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