Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black Marriage Negotiations

Very funny! I need to start re-thinking things. Some


  1. OMG!!! dis definitely cracked me up...I hv to go watch/listen to it again and again and again...LMAO

    Thx for sharing...

  2. This was so funny! Black women need to check themselves if they're anything like this video, lol...

  3. hahaha...that was disgustingly funny. why do we complicate life like this?

  4. ha!! slow connection as always... going back again..

  5. loolll....oh my gosh! wonder men are very comfortable were they are o! is ready to make the sacrifices because he loves her but she consider him weak & too sensitive?...just love the 'oh!-i-can't-believe-what-am-hearing' look on his face!


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