Thursday, April 29, 2010

I think i have a Stalker

So the dude i talked about in a previous post that left me that nasty voicemail, is still calling me. He called three times today. If we lived in the same state, i would be scared cos that's some stalker moves right there. I've told him never to call me again, why is he still calling? He doesn't leave voice messages or anything, he just keeps calling. We were never in a relationship, so why does he feel like he has the right to call me like this? I'm getting upset.

I don't want to talk to him or text him cos i have already told him once before that he should never call me again. If i take his calls again, i feel like i would be rewarding negative behavior. I just want him to go away from my life. I'm at the point where i feel like asking for assistance. I'm not willing to speak to him so i'm thinking of asking someone to talk to him for me. Ignoring him is not working. If i thot he would listen to me and stop calling me, maybe i would take his call and remind him to stop calling me. I don't think he will listen to me. T-mobile doesn't block numbers, btw. The best they can do for u is to change ur number. I'm not about to change my number cos of some douchebag.

I'm getting really irritated.

UPDATE: I just sent him a text asking him to stop calling me that i don't want to have anything to do with him in any capacity and his response "Hear me out"

This dude has no intention of leaving me alone. What have i gotten myself into?


  1. this is serious oh, tell him you'll call the cops and you even have evidence (the infamous voice mail), even if you deleted it, let him think you didn't. hmmm, i was going to tell you to cuss him out, but at this point i'm afraid the fool might be unstable.
    don't let him get under your skin though, i hope things work out

  2. erm im sure u can block a number from your fone...but i dont think tmobile can help u. on the other hand having other people tell him off wudnt work maybe if u have a guy call with a really deep voice sayin he's ur boyfriend and the next time he calls he will have the cops on him...the minute he hears ure in a relationship he might loose hope of gettin with u ...all the best oo..if only we were in naija..i for arrange boys for u..yeh rite lol

  3. @lahlah: I already deleted the VM unfortunately. I wish i could cuss him out but it won't help.

    @Barefeet: Trust me, i can't block numbers from my phone. We don't have that option. I have called T-mobile in the past about it. I'm having someone call him. Let's see how that goes.

  4. do what lahlah says
    threaten him with d voicemail

  5. You know how you can set up special ringtones for different callers on your phone, make his ringtone silent. So that you won't know when he calls you. It'd only show u missed calls, and not bother you. It's annoying but he'd soon get worn out. Even if he calls 203 times, he can't MAKE you talk to him.

    DO NOT text him again o.

  6. this is scary. i hope he doesn't have your home address. why can't he just accept no as no!

  7. Last resort...make a number change!
    Hang in you work your way through it all!

  8. This is not funny at all. I would record all dates and times of calls (easily done on phone and you might do on paper too). I would also write him a *nice* letter telling him to back off! This could be valuable evidence to use if you later need to pursue legal options.

    Send him an email/letter stating clearly that you do not want any contact with him and that you do not want him to call you anymore.
    Call the cops on the 300th call cos that's evidence of stalking behaviour. Isha's ringtone option sounds like a good idea too.

    I hope the end of the saga is in sight, soon.

  9. The is now officially OBSESSED with you..
    You could tell the sister to put the reins on her brother or you'd call the cops on him.I really think that should do it.

  10. If I were in your shoes, I'll just continue to ignore his calls. Having someone tlk to him is not gonna mke him back dwn, I feel like its going to mke him continue. Just ignore him.

    Its funny how ppl find it hard to ignore ppl or things, I'm very good @ it o. Ignore him dear, put ur fone on silent or lyk sum1 suggested set his ringtone to silent.


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