Thursday, December 3, 2009


It started snowing here today. This should be interesting. I guess i can't pretend i'm in Atlanta anymore. I don't know whether to be scared, or hole myself up in this house. I knooowwww. I can be a chicken, but i've never driven in the snow b4. I've lived my life in Nigeria -> Georgia -> now here, this place that is synonymous with cold. I really don't mind cos i know i'll eventually adapt. It's just the fear of the unknown. I have to go get snow appropriate foot wear, wouldn't want to be landing on my ass whenever i venture out of my lair.

For those of u who live where it snows, what are the best kind of shoes to get?


  1. Get a boot with non-slip soles. The stores will tell you. If you can get waterproof ones too. You usually cant go wrong with UGG boots, flat and rubber soled.

    Temps dropped here since the 1st but no snow yet, just frost. I'm looking forward to snow, love it..LOL

  2. loool
    it hasnt snowed here yet..
    but i hear it will later today..
    looool..i actually cant wait, and that is a very wierd feeling for me--i tell ya

  3. Myne seem to have answered yuor question!
    Ma first trip to the UK was kinda just the way you put it.....

  4. seriously though, i would rather the snow than this heat in PH...i am running mad, scorching hot outside & there's no electricity dear, do what you must, you no get problem.LOL

  5. I'm giving Myne a side eye sha: imagine liking snow? Goodness!


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