Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I like White women

What do i say to someone who straight up tells me, if he's given the choice between a black woman and a white woman, he would pick the white woman without thinking twice? He just relocated from naija to Canada and @ 28 he thinks he'll be able to change his accent. When i asked him why he would want to do that, he's response was that it was personal. He said when he was 6, he told his mom he was going to marry a white woman, they were looking at him like he was crazy. When he got older he brought home a white girlfriend, everyone was like wow (i rolled my eyes at that one). According to him, he and his best friend bonded cos they liked the same thing, case in point, white women, now his best friend is married to a white woman with two kids.

There's all sorts of things wrong with his way of thinking and i am not articulate enough to get into an argument with him. I really wished i could have sic'ed Sugabelly on him. It's so clear even though he would never admit it that he thinks white is BETTER. You should have seen his face when he said he brought home a white girlfriend (she's actually mixed: German/Nigerian), it was like he accomplished something major. I don't even know where to start with him. I feel like i would be fighting a losing battle. What am i going to tell him that could possibly change his attitude.

All this started when i said pple who talk with a fake accent are not being real. I wasn't even talking about him, but because part of his agenda when he moved to Canada less than a month ago was to change the way he speaks, he took it really personal. I really don't know how he thinks he's going to change his accent @ the age of 28. I've been here for 7yrs and pple still say, "I hear a slight accent, where's it from?. I met this dude on the plane last friday, first question out his mouth was "Where are u from?'". It's my opinion that, If u come here after a certain age, u r really never able to lose ur accent completely. Best case scenario (for pple trying to lose their accent), u would have an indeterminate accent, like this Neurologist we had as a guest lecturer, She had the cutest accent, but no one could place it. Anyway, i just think this dude is wrong on so many levels and i don't know where to start with him.

Do i start from his ignorance or unconscious self hate? I don't think there's anything wrong with interracial dating, but i think there's something wrong when someone thinks one is better than the other.

Here's a good one, he thinks coming here gives him the certificate to speak with an american/canadian accent, cos when he would speak like that in Naija, pple would complain or tease him and tell him to stop forming. I have just been warned not to use the word forming with him cos he hates that word. Na wa!


  1. my grandmother once told me:

    that a mad man decides to dance naked does not mean that sane men should beat the drums..

  2. Well,the choice is his,I guess!

  3. Don't go there. Arguing with him would be very frustrating.

  4. that really is quite unfortunate. I know and have seen SO MANY Nigerians like that.

  5. I think it's his choice, and people will like what they will. As for accent, he can get voice coaching and if he does well will get a Canadian accent. All the best to him.

  6. True, it's his choice, but these days far too many people hide outright discrimination or racist ideology behind the mask of "preference".

  7. i think his white woman preference thing is his choice of type/

    the accent one is just blah

  8. Yes like everybody said, its really his choice, so no wahala now..

    Compliments of the season :)

  9. it's his life, hence his choice

  10. suga belly is right , hes hiding his racists ideologies behind his so called preference! thats his problem and his accent will never change he should get over it! lmao at his age too na wa o!!!


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