Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hasta la vista

Last day of 2009. Yeah baby!!! Thank u God for bringing me this far. I am truly blessed to have all my loved ones still with me. For those we lost, Samson, Okello..... i know u r guys resting with God. You r missed.

2009: It sure went by really fast. I got admitted to my school last year, so the early part of this year was me overly eager to start med school. If only i KNEW!!!! I love life, it's so full of irony. Tensions were home were high, August couldn't come soon enough. Well, August came, and i wished i could turned back the clock on multiple occasions.

I have found adjusting to med school to be tough, but i wouldn't trade it for the world cos ultimately i am living my dream. Soon, i will get to do what i always wanted. I might not be as idealist as i am right now, but i hope and pray i would love my job. Right now, i think i would.

With the end of 2009, comes a desire to do things differently. It has finally sunk in that i am a young lady (y can't i say woman?), and i have decided to leave my borderline tomboyish ways. We might want to try on a few skirts and high heels this new year. Some mascara and lip stick wouldn't hurt (occasionally).

Stuff that happened in 2005 altered the course of my life. Finally, it is no longer a part of my life and is now becoming a thing of the past. I am ready to get myself back. I am in the process of losing all the weight i gained since 2005, my mental health has never been better. There are areas in my life that still need improvement. Need to work on handling stress, esp pple stress better.

Got a new niece. She has made this break enjoyable.

Thank u God for being my rock through this adjustment period. I know the best is yet to come. C u guys in 2010
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