Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My friend snores like a wild animal, i swear! I thought she was joking when she warned me over the phone, but no be joke oh. It is really bad. I was looking for my camera at 4am this morning so i can give u a first hand version of what i have been subjected to since Saturday, but by the time i finally found the camera, all i wanted to do was leave the room. So i got on the threadmill and ran.

So here i am with only three hours of sleep, she wakes up for me a minute and says "Sting, don't u sleep?" Now, that's what i call IRONY. Is she serious?!! Remain small make i tell am say na she no let me sleep, but i just respect myself. I am freaking tired, i was falling asleep as i was taking a shower, it's that bad. Yet i will come home and still can't rest. My bed has been taken over by her. If it was just for a weekend or even a week sef, e for good. 3 weeks!!! This hospitality business is a little too much for me oh. I'm too tired to be a gracious/good host. I haven't seen her in 7yrs so i should just suck it up and stop complaining. But still.................

Today is my immediate older sister's birthday. She has declared herself Queen for the day. She's stationed in Qatar until June. I can't wait for her to come back. She's the fun sister. I'm really proud of her, she's an E7 in the Navy (google it). The first time i called her at work and she picked up the phone and introduced herself as Chief xxx, i was confused, like, is this my sister abi na who be this. Anyway, she's cool people and i'm wishing her a very happy birthday even though she's not going to read this.


  1. Why would a young woman like her snore so bad? That is a bit weird to me.

  2. Hey stick with it, i mean it has been 7yrs,lol.
    Birthday wishes to the big sister doing big things!

  3. happy bday to ur sis!

    gosh, snoring is one of my pet peeves!

    hey, take it easy...a couple more weeks to go!

  4. Hmmm, i just knew you (un)consciously ommitted something. What you ask? 'tis her birthday today (Happy Birthday.....no, no not to you but, her) so, how old is she?

  5. Yay! I share a birthday with your sister! And yes we ARE fun... :D

    Sting Hon, is there anything else that really is bothering you? Because you don't seem too happy about your friend's visit... Are you guys close? If yes, you can tell her honestly what bothers you... that's what friends do.

    But take care dear, and Happy Birthday to your sister!

  6. Sting sorry o, some sacrifice to make I guess...just a few more days to go then, before you know it, you are Heathrow Airport on your mission to inflict revenge...lollll

    Can't sleep!! She misses you so much, hence the snore to prove it.

    sorry o

    taKia and God bless

  7. And today is my older sister's birthday too. Happy birthday to our sisters! :-)

  8. aww.....hang in there.... she'd leave soon right? happy birthday to ur sister.....

  9. happy bday to ur sis. as for your friend, that is indeed an irony. lol. but 7yrs? snoring is a lil price to pay. again, lol

  10. LOL!! Snoring sucks. Is your friend overweight?
    Your sister sounds adventurous to say the least! Happy Birthday to her...

  11. Happy Birthday to your sis. I doff my imaginary hat to her.

    I hate it when people snore. No sleep for me. I doubt I can be that magnanimous. I will wake up the person so they can feel what they are doing to my sleep!

  12. reminds me of camp..couldnt sleep..we had heavy snorers. sorry

  13. lol..sowee o..

    happy birthday to ur sis!

  14. :-D Stay strong!! It's a touchy subject for some people so it might be a problem discussing it..

    & a happy buffday to your big sista!!


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