Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Craziness, i tell ya!

Blogger da said...
I know who you are and I WILL GET YOU! MAKE NO MISTAKE! In case you decide to do anything stupid, my police pals are already on to you, BITCH. Catch you if I can indeed. Now who is following a blind trail of artificial intelligence, wussy essy (there is a clue in there somewhere, hehehehe) Do not EVER underestimate me EVER!
March 17, 2009 8:37 PM

There are crazy people in blogsville oh! No be small thing. See the kind comment wey person leave for me. Thank God i work in a mental hospital, it has thought me to recognize mental illness a little more easily. I knew that experience was going to come in handy one day.

Just for the record, for anyone who is interested, my anonymity is not something that is precious to me on this blog. I am aware that it has been severely compromised (thank u former friend in CA) and as a result blogging has long since ceased to hold the meaning it once had for me. So if u feel u know me, by all means out me. That goes for anybody. I really couldn't care less, what do i have to hide? At this point, the only reason i continued to blog is because i enjoy writing my thoughts and i love being a part of this community, especially because of crazy people like this DA of a person. I didn't take his/her comment seriously at all. I just think it's interesting enough to share.

Special message to da: Please stay on ur meds Sweetie. It helps the craziness.


  1. really? it really isnt that deep. i like ur reply jare. the meds sure do help!

  2. WOW! What is wrong with people. They are so crazie. Wow. Please DA, do stay on the meds. It will help subside the psychoticness.

  3. you know who she is so bloody what? make we kill cow? idiot!

  4. shuuu wats wid everyone on dis blogsville about pples anonymity?plz i just joined this blogsville nd im not about to have pple stressin me o...

    My dear 4get them...like really uve alredy sed, the anonymity is not too precious, feel free o...

    put the thots out there o!

  5. Meds r definitely in order.

    Foolishness to themax!

  6. Ok, this is just stupidity. What do you get from outing someone?

    Anyways, thank God you already have experience dealing with people with "issues"...who knew this experience would come in handy on blogville though!

  7. I gotta admit I know DA..

    yeahhhh... bumped into him/her once during a short stint in the left side of Yaba...

    I graduated but him/her is under a lifetime reprimand..

    Silly cow!!

  8. like watever!!! Whats is wrong with all this people stalking blogsville?

  9. lordy lord!!! this is taking stalking to another level.

  10. wow, I really don't understand this outing people thing...haters...thats what they are....

  11. forget that person jo.. hope u are good

  12. That's really sick! People should learn to respect others privacy. Na by force?

  13. ...what better response?

  14. Is it by force? I don't even understand some people...
    Great response sting!

  15. You are all idiots every ONE of you. LOL!!!
    Pyscho! Don't get bitchy o:-)
    Be nice and I might just f*ck you. In your dreams!!!!
    Good write up ologbo. But you're still sick!

  16. I see someone else trying to seek attention on my blog. Notice me or i die. Okay, we don notice u, are u happy now?!

  17. Ok, sting, someone has beef with ya! ignore, ignore, ignore....!

    truth, gosh! some respect wldnt hurt. If u have beef wit sting, come out and say it, bt dnt insult oda bloggers.

    Immaturity! I tell ya!

  18. wow, plenty plenty crazy people o........ da is def. sick...... pls ignore jare

  19. Great response sting...silence is a brilliant weapon...let the haters keep drinking their "haterade" juice...like monkey wey lick lime!

  20. u cudnt have responded any better..

  21. Good riddance! Some people sha!

    BTW on my award, they put Politics instead of activism. Can you change that for me.

  22. oh my word
    such negativity
    how does this happen
    na wa ooooooo

    take it easy


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