Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The devil is a liar?

I was listening to a song by Naeto C today, i can't remember if it was part of the lyrics or the title of the song, but i know he was saying "the devil is a liar". For some reason, even though i've been hearing that sentence for God knows how long, it just struck me as an erroneous statement. Based on the little i know, the devil is not a liar. He says he's going to do bad things and he does it, abi? Do people just say that cos they hope his evil intentions don't come to pass or am i just taking things too literally?

I guess this is one of the reasons i have a problem with religion. I like things to be logical and a lot of things aren't. I'm supposed to just believe anything i'm told, and don't worry that no one has any answers for me that are not platitudes. The last couple of months people have asked me if i was a christian and i said yes. It wasn't supposed to be a lie, but i felt so fake like i was deceiving myself.

I haven't been to church since 2003, it wasn't a conscious decision i took to stop going. I used to work until 1-2am Saturday nights/Sunday morning, and the last thing i wanted to do was wake up at 8am and go to church as Sundays used to be my only free day of the week. I hated the church we attended anyway, so when my sister changed churches i never went with her to the new one. That's how i stopped going to church. I guess these last 6yrs of not going to church has broken whatever fragile hold i had on Christianity.

I don't even know why i'm writing about this, it wasn't my intention when i started this post.


  1. okay so as i was saying

    okay the devil is a liar is a true statement and it isn't because he does what he says but because he has a way of twisting the truth and making it seem like truth to man.

    like when he told eve u will not surely die

    he also does lie flat out, yes he tells the truth once in a while but he got kicked out of heaven cuz he lied to 33% of the angels and told them God was something he is not

    but yeah
    so the devil is a liar is a true statement that can't be negated just becuz he told one truth

    when it comes to religion i must say that Christianity is not about logic in that you are right but it is also not about following people blinding, if u want to find Truth you talk to God and study his word.

    not the pastor
    or the elder
    or the priest
    or the babalawo
    go to God who created u

    now this might all seem like fluff but back to your original point the devil is a liar so please don't mistake his ability to distort Christianity for his own nefarious gain

    not sure if i made sense but i'm sitting in ,my Computer animation class trying to pay attention to Dr. Deng so have mercy on my able to convey a cohesive message

    but yeah back to Newton's method to compute the Hessian matrix

  2. did i mention that i was
    and third

    i'm done

  3. top 5..yay!

    the devil is a liar!

  4. Kafo is spot, the Devil is a liar because anything that prevents you from having a relationship with God is a lie!

    I'm with you on the desire to mass exodus from Christianity (don't let the Nigerian Christian 'youf' hear me!) but I am no way no how letting any religious zealot compromise my relationship with God, trust me spirituality rocks, religiousness ...well...hmmm...it's pretty limiting!

  5. Nne, the devil is a liar, please take it from me. He will say to someone that I will make you very rich, give you all of your hearts desires, but neglects to disclose the caveat, that says you will die due to the excesses of wealth that I give or that all you desires are temporary and do not lead to peace or happiness. Satan na original 419, his mission in life is to steal from you and destroy. Don't fall for the trick my dear.

    Btw: going to church is not what makes you Christian, believing in God and Christ as his son is what makes you Christian. Lord knows they're people who are in church everyday and are not christian at all. I'm not the strongest Christian, but I do believe in God and I know it is normal for people to sometimes lose their zeal for the Lord or get fed up with the bullshit that happens in churches or with church folk. Your relationship with God, like all other relationships we have, require some work and patience and sometimes can enter a lull, but God will always take you back regardless of what happened or didn't happen.

  6. John 8:44 says "You come from your father, the devil, and you desire to do what your father wants you to do. The devil was a murderer from the beginning. He has never been truthful. He doesn't know what the truth is. Whenever he tells a lie, he's doing what comes naturally to him. He's a liar and the father of lies..."

    From 1993 to 2003, I was not going to church. I did not believe in God. It was even worse that my father died and the more I blamed it on God and christianity. Anything I could not explain scientifically or logically was totally senseless to me then - religion being an example. To top it all, I knew churchgoers who used to commit adultery.

    Sometime in 2003, I walked into a church (out of boredom) that has helped mould me. So I believe the church matters. Knowing God personally brought enlightenment to me which no education can give me. As I got to know God, there were some things in the bible I began to understand. When we draw close to Him, we can ask Him questions and He will answer. Some, we may not understand now. Personally, everyday is a learning process.

    Going back to the topic of this post, the devil is a liar because the word of God, which is true and the truth, is not a lie. People say it, declaring that his intentions do not come to pass because with our words, we can overcome negative circumstances. The devil makes people believe lies so they won't believe in God.

    God is logical but our logic is not his logic. And if you said "Yes" to the question on if you are a Christian, you are simply saying yes you are a follower of Christ. The relationship between God and man is personal. A christian is not one who goes to church.

  7. the devil is a iar because when he promises you things, they come with a way for him to take them back from you. i don't know if you have seen this movie called bedazzled? that will expain it much better. FIRST TIMER. lol

  8. I was going to say that going to church isn't what makes you a Christian, and others have said it far more eloquently before me.

  9. kafo 1stt ke????? where afro n temite??? d devil indeed is a liar

  10. Hello,

    Of course he is a liar as well as many of his followers who may not even be aware of the influence of this brilliant devious spirit.

    Of course the devil is brilliant, he knows your weaknesses, he knows when to strike, he knows what to insinuate for you to fall.

    However, where the devil is weak is that he does not have the POWER to FORCE you to do.

    Of course the devil is real, if not, why there is wrong in the world today?

    My take is simply this, there is no lukewarmness about spirituality. You must believe in something in its entirety, you either are on the side that are believers in Christ (not Christians) or on the other side of the camp.

    There are many Christians that are not believers for your info.

    How can you justify a student of, say Maths, that does not attend lectures or classes and expects to pass tests and be promoted?

    That is what going to church prepares me for; to focus on the word that comes forth, not the deliverer of the word.

    Lovely blog.

    taKia and would you say AMEN if I say God Bless you (because I mean it?)

  11. Kafo is on spot!

    the devil is a liar, the bible calls him the father of all lies...John 8:44 says 'You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies'

    I guess this verse establishes the fact that the devil is a liar and peddles lies to all who care to listen!

    Christianity is not a religion, it's not about going to church (though that's part of it when you have found Him) but it's a way of life. The christians were called so in the bible cos they lived like Christ.

    Don't go to church for religion...i will be praying that God will show you the way!

    I hope i'm not repeating what anyone said cos i only read Kafo's response

  12. it is understandable with your kind of schedule. but hope you still believe there is a God whose Son died for you? Hope you still say a prayer now and then to him. its a hunger within that drives us to want to worship in the midst of other believers. in your own privacy, you can still bring down heaven and shame the devil.

    and i believe the line 'the devil is a liar' is a definition of one of his characters. he has no truth whatsoever and his words or gifts come with strings attached.
    that is why God is truth. He is not man that He will lie or break His promises

    before my comment lond past your post.

    hope your week is going smoothly.

  13. I agree that going to church doing make u a christain.
    I'm still trying to process all the information i have, i'm not there yet.
    I just don't like how different preachers or people interpret the bible to suit their purposes.

  14. Hmmm, so much has already been said....

    Going to church definitely doesn't make you a Christian but if you are a christian then going to church becomes a necessity.

    Christianity is meant to thrive through fellowship cos together, there's so much more impact than a one-man camp could possibly give.

  15. lol at Kafo being first, second and third.
    But yea i totally agree...the devil is a liar(supportin Kafo's reply).
    About being a christian...its twisted. Today pple call christianity diff things but what it really is is being CHRIST-LIKE....thats it in plain english. I cant even talk bout this now cuz i will probably flood this page and get to the maximum number of characters but trust me...being a christian is the BEST thing that can happen cuz after everything beginning from adam and eve, this GOD was still able to hand us salvation..i personally think thats an awesome gift that we shuld all learn to appreciate.

  16. Others have said a lot!
    I agree with all including Kafo, Rita, babjidesalu, enkay et al

    The devil is really a liar...the bible says the devil is the father of all lies, He deceives people, His best skill is deceit:
    He makes people think living life casually ( the way we like, without any inhibitions) as if there is no God or there are no cons to it is cool,.....but that is also a lie!

    I also agree that going to church does not make you a christain, but then in the same breath I should say, when you say you are a christain, you're saying you a follower of chirst. He instructs us to fellowship together and its in gatherings like church you learn more about God.

    I know there are fake people going to church too, but they are only imitators or the real people. I always tell myself; I want to be a real & true christain.
    God is real, Jesus is the life and the way to eternal life. I have a realationship with God.

    Would you try by Praying on your own?........
    Praying you find answers and peace.


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