Sunday, December 28, 2008

Food for thought

My dearest friend always tells me that one of my greatest problems is that i let my emotions control me.


So many things, so many things.......... but nothing.

I'm off to wack this chinese food. I earned it!


  1. emotions are strong...especially in women!

    Its been a while since i had chinese, so am abt to get some...thnx for reminding me.

  2. OOO I went to a chinese buffet today after church..Lovely!!!..hehe...Well am sure you would be able to learn to control your emotions..:)

  3. Emotions in the last week have reached a high for most of us, what ever your case is WE HAVE TO LET CERTAIN THINGS/ATTITUDES/PEOPLE go with 2008.

    Hope you enjoyed every bit of your Chinese!

  4. no b only u my dear. if u r not emotional, pple would question ur feminity anyways

  5. Hey stop deleting blog entries I want to comment on! I hope the chinese food was good...I had some last night too!

    Good Naija Girl

  6. GNG: And the lord said, be still and your ur peace. Abi na, peace be still...... I don't remember again jo! I'm holding my peace.

  7. so what did you get

    my favorite is house lo mein

    mmmmmmmmmmm tasty lol

    i dont know if the place i go to use cat or no tin their meals but if they do its some damn cat lol

  8. Maybe you're like my best friend, Busola. She always lets her emotions show. But you know what? Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage and vice versa. So maybe that's just you, love.

  9. Emotions control us all babes...but sometimes we just need to be stronger...

    happy new year...

  10. hey, disappearing blog post??
    what blog was that and why does it no longer exist?
    ahh well. all these ur emotions running amok all over th place :P

    hope u had a great Christmas babe. look forward to the new 'content' of ur blog... hopefully u'll stay YOU tho.

  11. She has not gone private yet but off to enjoy some tasty chinese food. Yes, u earn it!

  12. Hey you. Long time. You deleted your most current post?! Why? (Rss feeds, baby)


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