Monday, October 19, 2015

I dey Find Horseband!

My maama don tell me yesterday say make i start to dey look for husband. I'm like, "look for?!!!", where do you want me to start looking? I ask am say whether she realize say na only oyibo people full where i dey, if she ready to accept oyibo SIL....??!!!! LOL. I know her too well. She hesitated then said they get divorced too easily. I was like, mother....everyone gets divorced too easily these days, leave that thing. She was now like, okay you need to find someone who is head over heels in love with you.....her exact words. Because they would love you and accept you how you are. You also need to start calming down.... Haba maama, I'm trying. I'm my grandmother's grandchild. Fire breathing warrior dragon :)

I would like to think i have calmed down considerably. Some of that had to do with maturity and a lot of it had to do with being completely sapped of all excess energy and fire by the time i was done with med school. But, it's still there. I saw something on blogger yesterday that made me go from 0 to 100 in 0.5secs, I was already about to take action before i realised i had misunderstood the situation. Jesus be an icebox in my life, like for real.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, I don't know if i am exactly ready to be someone's wife but the idea of it has stopped being so repulsive to me. I can actually picture it in my head and this just happened for the first time in August, when I was looking at pictures on pinterest and had an aha moment.

 I was chatting with my secondary school BFF a couple of days ago and she was like, it would be like a dream but i would be married by this time next year. I was like abeg o, i no wan use dream enter marriage. I need to be wide awake for this one.  If the dude is not my best friend, there's no marriage happening. This is the only family member I get to pick, so why in the world would I be asleep/dreaming going into it? I can't join the let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best, I'll just marry the next dude club. Mba nu.

The thing I am having an issue coming to terms with and would more than likely be a huge adjustment for me, is having to live with someone. Like, I will have to see this dude every day and night in the same space, same bed.  God forbid he snores. That one na everlasting punishment but God in heaven knows if i end up with someone who snores i will not hesitate to get my own room. If there's a master bedroom i get to have it because he is the one who snores, besides i will more than likely need the space.

How do people combine all their stuff into one closet? I won't be able to watch the shows i want when i want? Will i now be expected to take care of another human being? Most of the time, my fridge is empty. I cook when i want to and get by on cereal for dinner a lot of times. The more i write about this the more i'm getting turned off by the idea of getting married, so let me just stop now while i'm ahead.

So I'm accepting applications from single eligible bachelors. Slide into my DM :), as one dude told me yesterday. No be only slide into my DM. But i never dey beg o so i can be a chooser.

Manna does not fall from heaven so we are being proactive here.

I no dey joke o. But let us all respect ourselves in this matter, look yourself well first before you decide wetin you wan do. Please and thank you.

I will let you all know how this quest my mother has sent me on turns out.


  1. "Look yourself well first before you decide wetin you wan do"
    Lol now that got me laughing.

    You are truly interesting and your own person.
    There was once a time I pondered about having and being in one persons life for the rest of my life, but that was all a long time ago.

  2. LMAOOOOOO! IF this works out well, I just may adopt the same method.

  3. A house with two closets in the master and two tvs, a man who doesn't snore and enjoys eating cheerios for dinner...that doesn't seem like it'll be that hard to find lol.

  4. Be wary of awon DM sliders, I have been there...well they said it worked for some people sha.

    Mama needs grandchild oh.

  5. You'll do just fine. I'm that kind of person, even me suprise say I marry sef. I was getting ready to travel the world and be free and husband came. There's a special man for us all. Even my husband says I'm happier when he is away at work. Lol. Yep ,I'm very moody at times and need my space and he knows, and I have a bad mouth too, in fact I no even sabi talk (ibo girl,warri born and bred). Your mom is right a man that is head over heels in love with you and understands you ,allows you to be you,makes a whole lot if difference

  6. I thought you once said you were... never mind. All the best ma'am. :)


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